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Just like my subject line says, I've intended to post a couple of these pics since my birthday. You know, the one back in July? *blush* :S Anyway, without further ado, I had to show y'all the couple of awesome things I got!

D'aww, it's the Sunflower from Plants vs Zombies *points at my icon* in plushie form and she's ADORBS! Her sweet smile really makes me happy every time I look at her. ♥♥♥

I'm pretty sure that Clint is up for the lead in "The Dragon Whisperer" or something here... ;)

Clint: *whisperwhisperwhisper*
Natasha: "You know that it's not necessary to literally whisper, Clint..."
Sif: *whatta you gonna do shrug*

I never could get a decent picture of this awesome dragon with her base lit up that didn't just look like I was trying out some sort of lame "night vision" filter or something.

Dragon, now with 1000% more Lame Night Vision Filter ™! ;)

Natasha: *looks directly into the camera, seeming to be personally offended by me*
Me: O_O "Sorry, Tasha..."

Now, on this week's installment of "Hey, Look! They Ship Themselves!" :P ;)

I had Eleven and Tauriel facing each other but when I came back the next day, they were also now holding hands! O_O Well, who am I to deny their love, right? ;)

Now, one day as Ten, Donna and K9 were having a nice little stroll, they came across Optimus Prime...

Optimus: "Yo!"
Donna: "Um, that's sort of a large gun you're holding, Mr. Roboto."

Optimus: "This? No, it's not a gun! It's a fireworks canon! See?"

Ten: "Very nice, Optimus! Why don't you join us on our walk?"
Optimus: "Why, don't mind if I do! My horoscope said that I'd meet somebody special today and..."

A wild Gipsy Danger appears!

Donna: "Well, now that we're all good and sure that Optimus' fireworks canon works, can we get back to our walk?"
Ten: *holds Donna's hand*
Optimus: "Heh, I bet you have a really awesome fireworks canon, right, Gipsy?"
Gipsy: *strong silent type*
Optimus: "Yeah, I find silence can be really effective, too. Just the other day, I was saying how it's really good not to just natter on all the time whenever you're feeling nervous and are hoping that your palms aren't sweating because that can totally mess with you when you're, like, 95% circuitry and..." *continues nattering on*

And so our heroes wandered back to their usual places...

Ten: *MWAH*
Donna: *pinches rear*
Ten: "DONNA! Do that again, woncha?"

Gipsy: *heroically holds Aislynn's shiny new GI JOE dog tags which she TOTALLY ORDERED from the "Retaliation" DVD because heck yeah, free fandom things!*

Heh, I have to admit, I was about as excited as Optimus to be able to nab Gipsy, who is going for Insane Prices every place I looked into. :S (Seriously, $60 for a 7 inch action figure? o_@ ) I figured I just wouldn't be able to get Gipsy, whom I fell in love with in Pacific Rim (I have a soft spot for big robots, what can I say? ;) Even though the Pacific Rim Jaegers aren't "characters" in the way that the Transformers and such are, such as having independent thought, acting without someone controlling aka piloting them, etc., I still just really loved them! :D ).

I'd kept Gipsy on my Amazon wishlist and when I randomly checked in one afternoon, Gipsy was retail price via Amazon directly (not a seller)! O_O So I nabbed her (all of the Jaegers are referred to as "she" in Pacific Rim in the manner that ships are generally called by female pronouns; I personally feel that Gipsy can be whatever he/she wants, gender-wise ;) ) and out of curiosity, checked the price again and it said 1 more was available, then in a few minutes, the price jumped back to $60! So I caught a weird sale that lasted only for 2 figures but hey, I'm not complaining in the slightest! ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading my silly little 'spam, if you did so! ;) Hope you're all doing well. I'm watching a ton of returning and new TV because I have all sorts of time to do things like that, apparently. *blush* ;) Still finishing up my Ten/Donna fic for [ profile] develish1, it's resisting ending the way I first intended so had to send it back to the drawing board, oops. *blushes some more* But it'll be here eventually! *fist thump* ;) I'm having trouble thinking up anything different/interesting for the vid meme [ profile] turquoisetumult tagged me for but still plan on doing it. *nods in determination*

Oh and has anybody been around long enough to recognize that I reused one picture in the above picspam? ;) I forgot to take one picture so borrowed one from a 'spam from back in 2009! O_O ;) Bonus points if you spot it, lol! ;) (Hint: My computer didn't suddenly revert back to Windows XP, despite what's showing on the monitor might suggest... ;) )

*smishes everybody* ♥♥♥

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Hee, that TOTES works for me! ;) Now I know what Clint's been whispering to the dragon all this time:

Clint: "All right, so you can pick one bad guy to flambe but leave the rest for Tasha, you know how grumpy she gets if she hasn't kicked enough butt..." ;)


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