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My previous vid, fic and icon/graphics posts are still public here but any further ones will be posted at the comm, so that's where you'll want to be watching, if that's what you're interested in. ;)

My personal LJ is now Friends Only, but no worries, I'm always glad to make new friends! Just comment here or let me know somewhere that you're friending me to chitchat, especially if we've never talked before at a comm or whatever. If I don't know your username, then I'm not likely to friend back without you saying hi first. ;)

I have a habit of making an odd icon here or there and never putting it up properly in an icon post, so if there should be something in my profile I've listed as made by me yet you can't find it in one of my icon posts, it's still shareable (unless I've requested otherwise, such as with my muse icons ;) ). Just drop me a line here about which one you're taking so I'll know you liked it, if you would? That would definitely give me a nice jolt of happy! ;) Also, crediting it back to me so that other people know where to find my other icons also adds to that warm, happy glow. :D Thanks bunches! ♥!

Cheers! ♥!

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"Railroad Track"

"He's got a rhythm and it's all you need..." Thorin is determined to lead his people home.

Song: "Railroad Track" by Willy Moon
Characters/fandom: Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
Spoilers: For the first two movies only.
Length/size: 2:25 (139 MB WMV)

VN: I looooooove Thorin and wanted to make him as happy a vid as I could ('cause the guy has more than enough angst already, IMO ;) ).

If you watch, I hope you enjoy! ♥♥♥

Links available at my creative comm!

Ship meme

Jan. 20th, 2015 01:19 am
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I was tagged by the ever-awesome [ profile] raktajinos! Thank you for thinking of me, hon! :D ♥♥♥

The rules:

Choose 5 otp’s without looking at the questions that will follow, then tag five people.

1. Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow (The Flash)
2. Twelve/Clara (Doctor Who)
3. Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
4. Ten/Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
5. Katrina Crane/Abraham Van Brunt (Sleepy Hollow)

I'm slightly cheating as that I did this one at Tumblr so decided to just repost my answers. *blush* But hopefully there are still those not on Tumblr or who just didn't see it there, so it won't be a total waste of your time. *fingers crossed* ;)

Anyway, not tagging but if you'd like to do this one, please consider this an Official Aislynn Tag ™ *boops your nose* and be sure to let me know that you did it! :D ♥♥♥

Questions and answers under the cut )
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"Born To Be Wild"

On the run from the Umbrella Corp., Alice meets John Pope and they have a brief adventure together. Now, the real question is: will she ever bring him back another plane? ;)

A little crossover AU that was my Secret Santa gift to the lovely Kat aka [ profile] littleton_pace!

Song: "Born To Be Wild" by Hinder
Characters/fandom: Alice (Resident Evil)/John Pope (Falling Skies)
Spoilers: None
Length/size: 1:17 (58.7 MB WMV)

VN: Apologies for the lack of an embedded streaming link but it can be streamed at Tumblr. If you know of a place that allows free embedding ala Youtube (but in those times where YT fails you :( ), please let me know! Thanks! :D

If you watch, I hope you enjoy! ♥♥♥

Links available at my creative comm ♥♥♥
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"Soul of a Man"

What makes the soul of a man? Bucky Barnes isn't really sure anymore.

Song: "Soul of a Man" by Beck
Characters/fandom: Bucky Barnes, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Spoilers: For both CA: TWS and Captain America: The First Avenger
Length/size: 1:55 (97 MB WMV)

Vidder Note and GIFs under the cut )

Links available at my creative comm ♥♥♥


Sep. 7th, 2014 02:54 am
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I've actually managed to do something that I've struggled with for a long while: still love one of my own vids when it kinda goes over like a lead balloon. ;) Now, granted, I went into this one ("Moondust" Ben/Maggie, Falling Skies, if you're curious but no worries if you're not, this really isn't a plea for views/comments, I promise! ;) ) knowing it had a potential audience of, like, 2 people. ;) I don't know a ton of people who watch Falling Skies and most of them haaaaaate Ben/Maggie. So, this vid has a lot of fail built right into it if what I'm hoping to get from it are dozens of heartfelt declarations of love, lol! ;)

But then I had an epiphany! )
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This looked like fun so I snagged it from the very awesometastic [ profile] rhoboat ♥!

Give me a number -- or a few! -- and I'll answer in a separate post nahhhh, I'd rather answer in the reply, sorry, Rules of the Meme. ;)

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-vid.
2. Is there a genre or style you've yet to try your hand at, but really want to?
3. Is there a genre or style you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?
4. How many vid ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?
5. Share one of your strengths.
6. Share one of your weaknesses.
7. Point to a section from one of your favorite vids you've made and explain why you're proud of it.
8. Which vid was the hardest to make?
9. Which vid was the easiest to make?
10. Is vidding your passion or just a fun hobby?
11. Is there a section of canon above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?
12. What's the best vidding advice you've ever come across?
13. What's the worst vidding advice you've ever come across?
14. If you only could vid one show/movie for the rest of your life, which show/movie would it be?
15. Do you work mostly from start to finish, or do you vid sections out of order?
16. Do you use any tools, like clip notes or storyboards?
17. Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?
18. Describe your perfect vidding conditions.
19. How many times do you usually revise your vid before posting?
20. Choose a section from one of your earlier vids and talk about whether and how you'd do it differently now. (Person sending the ask is free to make suggestions).
21. If you were to revise one of your older vids from start to finish, which would it be and why?
22. Have you ever deleted one of your published vids?
23. What do you look for in a beta?
24. Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?
25. How do you feel about collaborations?
26. Share three of your favorite vidders and why you like them so much.
27. Do you accept prompts?
28. Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your vids being canon compliant?
29. How do you feel about smut?
30. How do you feel about crack?
31. Which is your favorite site for posting vids?
32. Talk about your current vids in progress.
33. Talk about a comment or review that made your day.
34. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?
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Here are my answers to the Fifteen Characters meme!

1. Elizabeth Keen (The Blacklist)
2. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
3. Slade Wilson (Arrow)
4. Peter Hale (Teen Wolf)
5. Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
6. Ben Mason (Falling Skies)
7. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
8. Joan Watson (Elementary)
9. Oliver Queen (Arrow)
10. Skye (Agents of SHIELD)
11. John Pope (Falling Skies)
12. Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
13. Sherlock Holmes (Elementary)
14. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
15. Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

Questions, answers, an insane number of GIFs and graphics, things that are perilously close to drabbles and ficlets, they're all lurking beneath this cut, so clickity-click! )
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Just a quick update on the Fifteen Characters Walk Into A Bar meme (hence the incredibly clever title, lol! ;) ).

Thank you SOOO much to [ profile] starrylizard, [ profile] ciaimpala, [ profile] chicafrom3, [ profile] midori_marmotte, [ profile] hobbitrockgod, [ profile] sykira, [ profile] tkel_paris and [ profile] time_converges for your questions! I've got most of the answers done and now am kinda... you know, contemplating doing graphics of some kind to go with the answers. Because I have teh crazay in that way, lol! ;) There will be something graphicy, anyway, even if it's just something dead-level simple and basic. ;)

So, I just wanted to let y'all know I did receive the questions (I'll respond to your comments directly when I have the link to the answers so you'll be sure to know when they go up ;) ) and say thanks because they're all awesome! :D (And [ profile] sykira and [ profile] tkel_paris? You both did great! Thanks for jumping in despite never having done this sort of meme before! :D *hugs* ♥♥♥)

Anyway, if you'd like to get in on the action, I'm keeping the meme open until Wednesday, June 4th. Then I'll close up the ol' meme shop and post the answers ASAP! :D *hugs for everybody*

And now... I'm outta here! ;)

(Yes, I've used that one before but it's just the GIF that keeps on giving, what can I say? It amuses me! ;) )
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Taken from the loverly [ profile] ciaimpala! ♥♥♥

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like! :D This was a lot of fun to do over at Becca's LJ so I thought I'd give it a whirl as well. ;) Hope you're all doing great! :D *group hug* ♥♥♥

Edit: I forgot to mention last night that I'll keep this up for a couple of days, then do a post with all of the answers in it after that. ;) Thank you SO MUCH to my lovelies who have already asked questions, I'm having a ton of fun putting together the answers! :D

Also, so far, number 8 has gotten no love at all, so if anyone feels inclined, I know that he/she would love to be included, lol! Yay, number 8 is in play, thank you so much! :D *more hugs* ♥♥♥

Edit #2: ;) This meme is now closed! Thanks to all for playing! :D The answers will be up ASAP! :D ♥♥♥
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Actor Paul Walker, who gained fame as an undercover detective in the hugely successful "The Fast and the Furious" franchise, was killed Saturday in a car accident in Valencia, his representatives confirmed.

The single vehicle crash occurred about 3:30 p.m. in the 28300 block of Rye Canyon Loop. Deputies from the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff's station and the Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived to find a vehicle engulfed in flames. Two people in the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, said sheriff's Deputy Kim Manatt.

According to a statement on his Twitter account, Walker, 40, was attending a charity event to aid Filipino victims of Typhoon Haiyan for his organization Reach Out Worldwide, formed in 2010 as a quick response first-aid organization.

"It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide," the statement read. "He was a passenger in a friend's car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news."

Officials with the Los Angeles County coroner's office said they were still at the scene and could not confirm the names of either victim.

Representatives with Universal Pictures confirmed Walker's identity and released a statement:

"All of us at Universal are heartbroken. Paul was truly one of the most beloved and respected members of our studio family for 14 years, and this loss is devastating to us, to everyone involved with the 'Fast and Furious' films, and to countless fans. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences to Paul's family."

At the time of his death, Walker, who also starred in "Pleasantville" and "Varsity Blues," was working on the seventh film of the "Fast and Furious" franchise.


I’m stunned right now. I’ve loved “The Fast and the Furious” movies from the start but he also seemed like a genuinely nice guy. What a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to his family and to the family of the friend who was driving as well.

TV meme

Nov. 4th, 2013 02:05 pm
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Lifted with tender loving care from teh loverly [ profile] chicafrom3

- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full season on tape or DVD
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

Shows under the cut )
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I got this from Tumblr but thought it would be fun to post it here as well! :D Add your own "lyrical poem" in the comments or link over to your LJ if you post it there (or both, hey, the more poems the merrier, right? ;) ) and add to the fun! :D

There’s only two types of people in the world

I’d give up forever to touch you

This is how I show my love

Disarm you with a smile

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn

I had me a girl taught me those things a young man should know

Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

You said I was the most exotic flower

I’m a dead man walking here

Feet don’t fail me now


Hee, my Media player got onto a Lana Del Rey and The Civil Wars kick for some reason, lol! ;) Songs and artists under the spoiler cut, in case you're wondering and don't want to have to whip out the Google-fu. ;)

1. "Circus" by Britney Spears
2. "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls
3. "Sail" by AWOLNATION
4. "Disarm" by The Civil Wars
5. "Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey
6. "I Had Me A Girl" by The Civil Wars
7. "Stronger" by Kanye West
8. "Million Dollar Man" by Lana Del Rey
9. "Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars
10. "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey

I love those last two lines, TOO PERFECT! \o/ And then, of course, there's the way lines 6 and 7 add extra innuendo when put one right after the other... o_O *blush* ;) ♥♥♥
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For decades, ex-government agent Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader, “The Office,” “Boston Legal”) has been one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. Brokering shadowy deals for criminals across the globe, Red was known by many as “The Concierge of Crime.” Now, he’s mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an explosive offer: He will help catch a long-thought-dead terrorist, Ranko Zamani, under the condition that he speaks only to Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone, “Law & Order: Los Angeles”), an FBI profiler fresh out of Quantico. For Liz, it’s going to be one hell of a first day on the job.

What follows is a twisting series of events as the race to stop a terrorist begins. What are Red’s true intentions? Why has he chosen Liz, a woman with whom he seemingly has no connection? Does Liz have secrets of her own? Zamani is only the first of many on a list that Red has compiled over the years: a “blacklist” of politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists. He will help catch them all… with the caveat that Liz continues to work as his partner. Red will teach Liz to think like a criminal to “see the bigger picture” - whether she wants to or not.

Also starring are Diego Klattenhoff (“Homeland”), Harry Lennix (“Man of Steel”) and Ryan Eggold (“90210”). Jon Bokenkamp (“The Call,” “Taking Lives”), John Eisendrath (“Alias”), John Davis (“Predator,” “I, Robot,” “Chronicle”) and John Fox serve as executive producers. The pilot was directed by Joe Carnahan (“The A-Team,” “The Grey”). “The Blacklist” is a production of Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment.

Parminder Nagra (“Bend It Like Beckham,” “ER,” “Alcatraz”) has also joined the cast. ;)

Embedded promo vid under the cut )

Right now, we’re 4 episodes in so there’s plenty of time to jump onto this awesome show right from the start! James Spader is aMAAAAAAYzing in this role, IMO. If you’re a fan of Hannibal, this definitely has several of the same sorts of notes, though is not as gory or visceral. It’s more on the line with Silence of the Lambs in that the master criminal is already a known criminal who is working with the FBI for reasons completely of his own and there’s a definite Hannibal/Clarice vibe with Red and Lizzie.

The main problem I’m having is in trying NOT to ship Lizzie/Red because I have a feeling that they’re going to be related in some way. *blush* But I love their chemistry and the way that she brings out the hints of caring and compassion in Red that absolutely nobody else does. 1x04 “The Stewmaker” is an awesome example of this! *squees softly*

So I encourage you to give this one a try if you haven’t yet! It's gotten better and better every week and I'm really enjoying it a lot! :D ♥♥♥

The Blacklist main site

The Blacklist on Hulu

*crosses fingers that it's not country-blocked but doesn't hold breath* Country-blocking = NOT COOL, COOKIE :( ;)
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Because I really could use something silly and light-hearted right about now, I thought maybe y'all could, too...

This is from the Bad Lip Reading gang who takes songs, debates, movies, etc. and redubs them with what it looks like they could've been saying. For GoT, they went alllll out and did visual manips/edits as well to tell the story of theme park manager Eddie Stark who has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park's grand opening.

Embedded video under the cut )
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Sweet mother of pearl... @_@ This is the most professional fanmade opener I think I've ever seen in my life! Seriously, what program would you even use for something like this??? O_O

Under the cut just in case embedded video borks up your flist ;) )
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Because when I find something I like, I need to shaaaaaaaaare! ;)

Several vids embedded under the cut, come on in, check them out and hopefully make some recs yourself! :D )
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The loverly [ profile] gorengal posted here with a solution that restored my moodtheme so I wanted to signal-boost in case anybody else has had their animated, Photobucket-hosted moodtheme suddenly turn into text instead of the usual images. :S Which is what happened to me but editing the links in my moodtheme as described in the fix restored them, yay!

In short, if this has happened to you, here's what to do:

Go to the edit moodtheme screen under customize journal appearance.

If the URL starts with "http://smg" then you'll need to change that to "http://img".

Edit: If it starts with "http://s" and some numbers after that, then you'll need to change to "http://i" and leave the numbers as they are. (Thanks to [ profile] gorengal yet again and to [ profile] betgirl for that info and better explanation than I originally had. ;) )

You can either manually replace each "s" with an "i" or if you have Firefox, you can get the Find and Replace add-on and it will do it for you. ;)

I did mine manually because I apparently have nothing better to do, lol! ;) But it did bring all of my images back, so at least it's something that seems to be working now. Until somebody else decides to "upgrade" and breaks it all over again, ugh! *eyeroll*

Anyway, just wanted to pass that along in case anybody else was trying to figure out what happened to their moodtheme! ;) There's a link to more info about this at [ profile] gorengal's entry if you want to read more. ;)

In other news, I'm vidding like a house afire (though why a house that was on fire would stop and take time to vid, I dunno... ;) ). Yet Another New Fandom (it's a movie and not really a "new" fandom because I've loved previous movies in the series but "new" in that I haven't vidded it before or talked about it much ;) ) and I'm having a blast with it! :D

Which is my only comfort when I want to slap myself with a rubber chicken for vidding waaaaay too much right now! o_@ But for some reason, I'm just really, really, REALLY inspired to vid so... Here comes another one. *blush* ;)

This is my first time using Vegas Movie Studio 12 and so far I'm not having too much trouble with it, other than a brief freak-out when I opened the cookie cutter AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE MY OLD COOKIE CUTTER ZOMG WHERE IS THE TIMELINE AND HOW DO YOU KEYFRAME MOTION HALP. (I did finally figure it out. ;) )

*hugs and cookies for everybody* ♥♥♥!!!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The new Special Theme is up at Driver Picks The Music!

Chosen Theme: Apocalypse

Description: Any TV or movie vid that's based on an "apocalypse". This can include disaster movies, the zombie apocalypse, a supernatural end of the world or any other similar apocalyptic scenario.

Closes: February 9, 2013

Now, I know I've got some The Walking Dead vidders out there, at the very least, so I hope to see you enter! :D

DPTM is a really lovely, well-run awards site and they accept a wide variety of fandoms (see here for the full rules ;) ). The current Round still has plenty of room left for entries so be sure to check your vids over and I bet you'll have something eligible! :D


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