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Because when I find something I like, I need to shaaaaaaaaare! ;)

Oh HECK YEAH! *fistpump* This showcases not only Neal's sexy side but that playful, mischievous spark he has as well! One of my all-time favorite Neal tributes!

The first time I saw this, my mom asked me something while it was playing and I literally answered, "Asdfghjkl." I didn't even know I could PRONOUNCE that, lol! ;) She gave me this rather alarmed look and I said, "I have a vid to send you!" Once she had finished watching it, she said, "Okay, now, I see why you answered me like that!" ;)

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

I absolutely love it when somebody can take a song or a concept that you’d NEVER in a million years expect to see paired with a fandom/pairing and makes it work! ;) It was a lot of fun watching Arwen get increasingly RAEGy over Aragorn’s cheating ways, lol! ;) She actually got quite scary and intimidating in some of these scenes, IMO. I thought she was about to go full on dark!Arwen kinda like Galadriel did when tempted by the Ring, lol! O_O ;)

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

Jacob/Bella is my guilty pleasure ship in Twilight, (which is, yes, a guilty pleasure all on its own, what can I say? ;) ) one of those things that I really wouldn't have wanted to see/read in canon, per se, but that I LOVE seeing explored in fanworks! This is pretty much my favorite J/B vid ever because it managed the somewhat tricky task of keeping the story focused on just Jacob and Bella. It's not about Bella cheating on Edward with Jacob or whatever, it's JUST the two of them, exploring an AU relationship between them as if Edward had never been in the picture at all.

Plus, I love the way the vidder uses the beat (like Jacob swinging Bella around at :21 and the little stutter cuts at :27). ;) *thumbs up* This is a vid I come back to time and again but I don't think I've ever recced it before. (But I did, my apologies. I have a brain like swiss cheese on a good day. On a bad day, it's a LOT more holes than cheese! o_O ;) )

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

This song is SO PERFECT for Peter/Lydia, IMO, to the point that I now automatically think of it as "The Pydia Song" whenever I hear it! ;) It just suits whatever completely messed up relationship they could possibly have! ;)

In case you're not familiar with Teen Wolf (then get thee over and watch it, ASAP, you might like it, lol! ;) ) but watched this anyway (and in that case, thank you and know that I love you immensely for giving it a try! ♥you♥ ;) ) and are wondering which one of the couple of fellows we see in this vid is Peter (and you don't mind spoilers ;) ) click the spoiler thingy to find out! ;)

You see two versions of Peter Hale in this vid, adult!Peter (who leads her down the stairs at the start and whom we also see all burned and rather crispy looking, such at the :10 mark) and teenaged!Peter (whom she kisses at :29). ;)

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

I've seen some amazing DW vids in my time but this does one of the best jobs I think I've ever come across in encapsulating the laughter and tears of the Doctor in his Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh incarnations, especially in just over 5 minutes. It's awesome!

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

EDIT: Oops, I forgot this one... ;)

I looooove the way the vidder uses this voice over part of Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" to really construct an AU story for Erica and poor, doomed Derek that feels natural to me. :( It also is, IMO, a great example of how to use the text in an non-invasive way that really enhances the vid without being distracting. :D

If you like, leave the vidder some love!

I had a Once Upon A Time Hook/Aurora vid I was going to rec as well but it's now been blocked for me at Youtube, UGH. :S Why was it fine for me to watch it a few days ago but not now, Copyright Police? I'm still in the same country, after all! (And it's not like I haven't heard "Swallowed In The Sea" before, I have the darn album! :S ) So I guess I'll stop here. But it's not a Vid Rec Party if I'm reccing all by myself, so feel free to share any vids that you just particularly love, if you're so inclined! :D

Thanks for checking out the recs (if you did ;) ), hope you found something you enjoyed! :D ♥♥♥!!!
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