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Here are my answers to the Fifteen Characters meme!

1. Elizabeth Keen (The Blacklist)
2. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
3. Slade Wilson (Arrow)
4. Peter Hale (Teen Wolf)
5. Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
6. Ben Mason (Falling Skies)
7. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
8. Joan Watson (Elementary)
9. Oliver Queen (Arrow)
10. Skye (Agents of SHIELD)
11. John Pope (Falling Skies)
12. Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
13. Sherlock Holmes (Elementary)
14. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
15. Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

Note: The GIFs weren't made by me, though I did edit a few of them for (hopefully ;) ) humorous purposes. :D

For [ profile] starrylizard

1) Three (Slade Wilson, Arrow) and seven (The Doctor, Doctor Who) meet in a bar. Would they fall in love, get into a fight, or get drunk and sing karaoke? Would it end well?

I think if Slade was having a good day and wasn't, you know, plotting death, doom and destruction at the moment, ;) then he and the Doctor would engage in much drunken (or simulated drunken ;) ) karaoke. You know, something classic like the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" or maybe some Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name," lol!

Flashing graphic put under a spoiler cut, just in case anybody's sensitive to those sorts of things. ;)

 photo Slade10karaoke_cropped_zps9cc56b45.gif

2) What do five (Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist) and fifteen (Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD) most have in common? If they had to start a business together, what would it be?

Oh man, the combined awesomeness of Red and Coulson would be ahhh-MAAAAY-zing! \o/ They both share a shrewd ability to size people up *is in denial over Coulson not spotting Ward as a Hydra mole ahead of time :( * (AoS spoiler from 1x17) so I could see them starting up something like a detective agency. I think they'd be very successful at it! ;)

 photo RedPhil_detectives_zps0ef171a9.png

3) If nine (Oliver Queen, Arrow) and ten (Skye, Agents of SHIELD) had grown up together as siblings (assuming they haven't), how would their lives have been different?

You know, I actually could see that working. Skye doesn't know her family, so I can see her having Oliver as a stabilizing force in her life being a good thing. I think she would still have the same "right the wrongs" drive that led her to trying to uncover SHIELD's agenda in the first place. I think she would definitely have called out Oliver in his pre-Island d-baggery, lol, and then post-Island, I think she would've discovered his Vigilante/Hood/Arrow ways and wanted in on things. She and Felicity would have a ton in common and I like to think they would've been Awesome Hacker Buddies, lol! ;)

 photo OliverSkyeSibs_2_zpsbbfc54c2.png

4) If four (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf), three (Slade Wilson, Arrow) and fourteen (Felicity Smoak, Arrow) were tied up in a dark room, how would they escape?

Peter and Slade would be boasting about which of them could get free the quickest, riling each other up with statements of increasingly alpha male machismo, when the lights would suddenly come on and they'd look up in surprise. Felicity would be there rolling her eyes at them both as she folded up the industrial-size pocket knife Diggle had given her which she'd used to saw herself free while they were bragging about their "skills." ;)

 photo TeenWolf-Peterspellitoutforyou_zps47a97ff7.gif photo Arrow-SladeGilligansIsland_zps278096da.gif
 photo Arrow-Felicityheadtilt_zps0a2d2448.gif photo Arrow-Sladehandscuffedoutside_zps152df12b.gif

5) If eleven (John Pope, Falling Skies) developed animal shape shifting abilities, what animal would they become?

I think Pope would want to turn into something like a wolf but would actually end up as a coyote. He does have some of the traits, he's smaller (not that he's tiny by any means but he's not some huge hulk) and he's opportunistic, and he's got the ability to be sneaky and vicious as needed. I think he'd at first be disappointed then he'd grow to be quite pleased with his coyote-self.

 photo PopeCoyote_zps8f0d6873.png

6) The end of the world is nigh, what would thirteen (Sherlock Holmes, Elementary) do in their last moments on Earth?

If, after Sherlock had exhausted every possible way to save the world and had to at last admit that it was something he simply couldn't avert, I think he'd want to sit quietly next to Joan, perhaps hold her hand, and just wait for the end to come. And when it did, I think he'd welcome the way it washed away the never-ending noise in his brain and gave him peace at last.

 photo Elementary-SherlockandJoanhandtouch_zpsefdf8bed.gif photo Elementary-JoanandSherlocksitting_zps639ea042.gif

For [ profile] ciaimpala

1) Ten (Skye, Agents of SHIELD), twelve (Derek Hale, Teen Wolf), and thirteen (Sherlock Holmes, Elementary) find themselves trapped on a mysterious island-and one of them is secretly a killer. Who is the killer, and do the other two make it off alive (and how)?

Oooo, intriguing! I think if Skye or Derek were the killer, then Sherlock would outwit her or him and make it off the island alive (though the other person might die first if Sherlock didn't realize the other was a killer until she/he struck first).

However, if Sherlock was the killer, then I don't think Skye or Derek either one would make it off the island. Derek has strength and werewolf abilities and Skye has smarts and computer prowess but Sherlock is just far too intelligent and clever. He would have carefully deduced their weaknesses before he made his first move, probably by neutralizing Derek first to eliminate the most physical threat, then would trap Skye by probably making her think either he was injured and needed help or that Derek was. Her caring nature would win out over her self-preservation and the only one off the island would be Sherlock, probably after making it look like they had murdered each other or that Derek had gone into some sort of werewolf rage, killed Skye and then himself out of guilt and shame.

 photo SherlockSkyeDerekKiller_zps46bf14ef.png

2) One (Elizabeth Keen, The Blacklist) is casting a movie. Does he or she pick three (Slade Wilson, Arrow) or seven (The Doctor, Doctor Who) to be the lead, and why?

Liz wouldn't have time for any of Slade's bull so would probably opt to cast the Doctor, figuring his many lifetimes would give him the insight to perform whatever he was required. Then, after the Doctor would've wandered off for the umpteenth time, soniced several delicate electronic things, solved a couple of crimes and disappeared for a "10 minute break" that lasted over a week, she would quietly tear at her hair, give up movie making and go back to work as a profiler, lol! ;)

 photo Liz10Sladeheadshots_zps55ec1b28.png

3) Fifteen (Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD), nine (Oliver Queen, Arrow), and eleven (John Pope, Falling Skies) decide to open a detective agency. What role does each person take in the agency, and are they successful?

Coulson would definitely be the boss and Oliver and Pope would be the investigators. Coulson would then spend most of his time getting Oliver and Pope out of jail after they had roughed-up suspects. They would have the definite potential to be an awesome detective agency but probably would never live up to it because of Oliver and Pope's personality clashes. If they could learn to work together, though, the three of them would be pretty unstoppable!

 photo Arrow-Oliverfastdraw_zps3e448961.gif photo FS-Popesmileyousob_zps369ea261.gif
 photo AoS-Coulsonmidlifecrisis_zpsed962786.gif

4) Six (Ben Mason, Falling Skies) ends up on the cover of a tabloid-what for?

A pic is worth a thousand words on this one, I think! ;) Note: SPOILERS for the trailer for season 4.

 photo BenTabloidCover_zps284b4824.png

5) Five (Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist) writes a best-selling novel-what's it about?

The obvious would be some sort of spy/espionage novel... so I can see Red going in completely the opposite direction and writing something like a children's book that drives everybody nuts in trying to figure out if there are some sort of coded messages in it, lol! "Wait, is that bunny pointing towards that carrot on the ground? Could that be some sort of reference to that CIA operation, Codename: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow back in the 80's???" O_O :P ;)

 photo RedBook2_zps4bc9948f.png

6) Nine (Oliver Queen, Arrow), seven (The Doctor, Doctor Who), and two (Donna Noble, Doctor Who) go to a yard sale. What do they buy?

Hee, I can totally see Donna buying a child's bow and arrow set for Oliver since he's trying to not, you know, kill people so much, lol! ;) The Doctor would buy a huge, gaudy painting of dogs playing poker: "Donna, look! They're DOGS and they're playing CARDS! Isn't that brilliant? Wouldn't that look fantastic hanging in the TARDIS console room?" But Donna would refuse to let him hang it there and, as thanks, the TARDIS would make sure that Donna never ran out of her favorite flavor of ice cream.

Donna buys some jewelry, a necklace or ring, that clearly had sentimental value to the owner but who had to sell it. Then after paying a good price for it, she leaves it on the table.

"Miss, you forgot this!" the owner calls.

"No, I didn't," she softly answers, smiling as she walks away.

 photo OliverKiddieArrow_zps27510cde.png
 photo DW-DonnaDoctorTurnLeftmarket_2_zps0a9131f4.gif photo DW-DonnaDoctorTurnLeftmarket_zps64d77b53.gif

For [ profile] chicafrom3

1) The apocalypse is coming and only three (Slade Wilson, Arrow), six (Ben Mason, Falling Skies), and fourteen (Felicity Smoak, Arrow) can save us! How screwed are we?

No worries, we're in great shape! Between Slade's cunning and skills, Ben's survival abilities and super-strength and Felicity's smarts and courage, I think we can definitely count on cancelling the apocalypse! (To borrow a phrase from Pacific Rim, lol! ;) )

 photo Arrow-SladeexplosionandBWfightstart_edit_zpsbbad9826.gif photo FS-Benslidedown_zps5b5a7bd1.gif
 photo Arrow-FelicitynoFB_zpsfadab8f4.gif

2) Two (Donna Noble, Doctor Who) and twelve (Derek Hale, Teen Wolf) partner up to open a bar together. What do they name it?

"I'm not running a bar called Hale's Ale," Donna says firmly. "I'd feel like I needed to answer the phone in rhyming couplets or something!"

"Ooo, rhyming couplets, Donna! That would be brilliant--!" the Doctor chimes in brightly, straightening in his chair.

"Oi, Martian boy," she grumbles, giving him a pointed look.

"Er, yes, this is me keeping my nose out of it, as directed," he says, slumping down again. "Carry on."

Derek crosses his arms over his impressive chest, looking down at the red-haired woman. "Well, I'm not going to name it A Noble Tale," he says firmly. "It's my bar, too, and I want some part of my name on it."

Donna crosses her arms over her equally impressive -- if for different reasons -- chest as well, unfazed by his glowering.

"What about a compromise?" Skye suggests. "Something like Hale's Noble Ale."

"What's 'noble ale?'" Peter scoffs and she pulls a face at him.

"It's a suggestion," she says. "It's what helpful people offer their friends."

"Like Petey has friends," Pope jibes. "Better use language he understands."

Peter sneers, showing elongated teeth, but Pope looks amused rather than threatened.

"BACK ON SUBJECT," Donna says loudly. "I think you're onto something, Skye."

"Wolves are typically regarded as noble creatures," Sherlock says, never lifting his nose from his book. "Why not The Noble Wolf? It incorporates Ms. Noble's name and Mr. Hale's lycanthropy and still sounds suitably 'bar name-ish."

"The Noble Wolf," Donna and Derek repeat together thoughtfully.

Then she grins broadly, slapping him on the arm. "I love it! What do you think, wolf boy? You'll get your name in lights and I won't have to answer the phone in rhymes!"

"My name isn't wolf," he complains but it's lost in Donna's enthusiasm as she moves on.

"And I'm not from Mars," the Doctor says in a conspiratorial tone. "But, trust me, you really need to just go along with her. She can be quite... intense when she doesn't get her way."

And, as they watch Donna bustle around the room, if the Doctor spots a hint of intimidation in the werewolf's eyes, he chooses to not remark on it.

 photo DonnaDerekBar_zps96d116dc.png

3) What other character is most likely to kiss seven (The Doctor, Doctor Who) on a dare?

Skye would take that dare only to have Donna firmly step in between them and say, "Um, no, little miss, I don't think so" and snog him herself, lol! ;)

 photo DW-DonnakissestheDoctor_zpsfe43838e.gif

4) Nine (Oliver Queen, Arrow), ten (Skye, Agents of SHIELD), and eleven (John Pope, Falling Skies) are in a love triangle; who's into who?

Pope would love Skye's sassiness even as he was complaining about her "do-gooding ways" and Skye would admire Oliver's determination to making Starling City a safer place. Oliver would be drawn to her goodness but would be wary of "corrupting" her, so would faff about for too long without letting his true feelings be known until Pope would've had time to win her over (provided he could get in the habit of listening to his better angels at least closer to more times than not ;) ). And Oliver would be left to wonder what might have been as he watched Skye ride off on the back of Pope's motorcycle.

 photo FS-Popesmile_zps42d62233.gif photo AoS-Skyewhatup_zps8eb25d59.gif
 photo Arrow-Oliverhuffs_zps6130866d.gif

5) Four (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf) gets photographed with fifteen (Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD) and it ends up all over the internet; why?

There would be a juicy scandal as to whether SHIELD was now recruiting slightly evil ;) werewolves, whether Coulson was using Peter as an informant or whether there was something even more salacious going on...

"Just so long as he remembers I'm fond of white roses, not red," Peter says, dead-pan.

"Hey," Coulson counters. "Somebody point out to him that I'm an orange rose aficionado myself. Orange is for passion, after all."

"Indeed," Peter agrees with a wink and the paparazzi go even wilder.

 photo PhilPeter_zps59fcdf05.png

6) What character is most likely to write a tell-all book?

Peter Hale, hands down. He'd love the chance to spill everybody's secrets while becoming rich and famous himself in the process, lol! ;)

 photo TW-Petersmugsmile_zps20e37362.gif

For [ profile] midori_marmotte

1) 4 (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf), 8 (Joan Watson, Elementary) and 9 (Oliver Queen, Arrow) meet in an hospital or any other place you get medical help. Why? Is one of them wounded?

After an uneasy truce between Peter and Oliver so that they could band together to defeat a baddie, Peter would drive a wounded Oliver to a local clinic run by an understanding Dr. Watson, who's willing to ignore the fact that her patient is in full mask and costume (and brought in by a werewolf). Peter would linger to make snarky comments, Joan would be unimpressed (because seriously, her time with Sherlock has raised her snark tolerance level to unimaginable heights ;) ) but when she had enough, she'd threaten to give him a rabies shot and Peter would decide that discretion is the better part of valor, disappearing into the night.

"Werewolves," Oliver mutters derisively.

"Says the guy in the mask and hood," Joan returns, arching an eyebrow and effectively shutting him up while she finishes his stitches.

 photo OliverJoanPeter_zps30bb21bb.gif

2) 5 (Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist), 9 (Oliver Queen, Arrow) ad 12 (Derek Hale, Teen Wolf) meet randomly at their favourite business (which happen to be the same one). What is it? Coffee, bookshop, ... ? Will they compete for an item, or give each other tips?

Red, Oliver and Derek end up standing in line at a little out of the way donut shop. Oliver and Derek are clearly not sure what to order so Red suggests that Derek try something nice and comfort-food-like, such as a Peanut Butter and Jelly filled donut, to remind him of happier times in his childhood. "Something to really sink your claws into," Red says blithely.

For Oliver, Red suggests a simple French cruller, something not likely to get sticky residue all over his suit. "Especially the green one," he adds as a calculatedly innocuous afterthought. Then he grabs the very last chocolate glazed Bavarian creme-filled donut, saying, "Toodles!" and leaving Derek and Oliver both staring speechlessly after him as he goes.

 photo RedDerekOliverDonuts_zps8c42ea74.png

3) 6 (Ben Mason, Falling Skies), 8 (Joan Watson, Elementary) and 10 (Skye, Agents of SHIELD) are at the same place. Two of them had to choose a birthday present for the third. Who had the right idea, and what was it? And what was the recipient's reaction?

Ben's birthday is coming up and Skye would want to get him something cool and unusual and Joan thinks it would be nice to find something that gives a subtle shout-out to his math geek past. They decide to get him a Fibonacci Chaos Spiral pendant, based on Fibonacci Fractal geometry. Ben would be really touched by the gesture and would thank them both with a quick, shy hug. Then he would wear the pendant on a cord around his neck, a little piece of his past that would always be with him, tucked safely into his shirt so he wouldn't have to worry about it being lost or getting snagged on something while he's fighting aliens.

 photo Elementary-Joanlooksupwithglasses_zpsddb9dc36.gif photo FibonacciChaosSpiralpendant_zps45c94d8f.jpg photo AoS-Skyesocool_zps76ff72bd.gif
 photo FS-Bensmilenod_zps3f986f46.gif

4) 2 (Donna Noble, Doctor Who), 10 (Skye, Agents of SHIELD) and 11 (John Pope, Falling Skies) have won 1st to 3rd price of a competition. What was it (win a car at your local market, or international marathon...)? Who was in what place, and what did they win?

The three of them would enter a cooking competition to be the next Food Network TV personality and Donna and Skye would be astounded to be beaten by Pope, who has a well-deserved reputation as a pretty world-class chef. Donna and Skye would tie for second place and they might grumble about it in front of Pope but secretly they'd agree that he definitely knows his stuff and is very entertaining to watch as he works.

 photo FS-CookingwithPope1_zps75427efb.gif photo FS-CookingwithPope2_zps05196edd.gif
 photo FS-CookingwithPope3_zpsfa2e5e88.gif photo FS-CookingwithPope4_zps5bec5d56.gif

For [ profile] hobbitrockgod

1. 6 (Ben Mason, Falling Skies) and 9 (Oliver Queen, Arrow) are the last remaining tributes in the Hunger Games. Who would win, or would it come down to a Peeta-and-Katniss-esque draw?

Ben has enhanced strength and abilities; Oliver's not superhuman but he has a lot of experience and skills with weapons. If they were really going at each other with the intent to kill, it would probably be fairly even until Ben's enhanced endurance allowed him to outlast Oliver OR until Oliver's greater experience managed to exploit a mistake from Ben. However, I think that because both of them would be against killing the other, Oliver because of how young Ben is, Ben because he would respect Oliver's mission to save and protect the innocent, they would go for the Peeta-and-Katniss-esque draw and prefer sacrifice over killing.

 photo FS-BenandPopefight2_zps7e7fd191.gif
 photo Arrow-Oliverstairslide_zpsf86f473e.gif

2. 3 (Slade Wilson, Arrow) and 8 (Joan Watson, Elementary) have to live together in close quarters for an indefinite amount of time. Do they make good roommates, or is this the biggest disaster ever?

If Joan can live with Sherlock, she could probably handle Slade, lol! Slade, for his part, would give her nothing but trouble but he would actually respect her a lot (he loves strong women, after all ;) ) and woe unto him who tried to ever hurt her, because they would definitely have to answer to Slade!

 photo Arrow-Sladegirlscout_zpsdceca0af.gif photo Elementary-Joangiantpromdress_zps176bc319.gif
 photo Elementary-Joantakesguydown_zps7a786b7b.gif photo Arrow-Sladegunsandgrin_zpsa913ea25.gif

3. 2 (Donna Noble, Doctor Who) and 4 (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf) are on the run from the law together. What did they do and how do they handle it?

Donna was in a "wrong place, wrong time" situation and Peter decided to capitalize on it and whisked her away. He's anticipating that she'll be so grateful for the escape that she's willing to become the Bonnie to his Clyde of the werewolf kind. Donna plays along, biding her time, until he lets his guard down a bit. Then she whacks him with a baseball bat ("Back of the neck!") and stuns him for long enough to escape. She reconnects with the Doctor, who's been looking for her all this time, and then she returns to the authorities and clears her name. As the TARDIS dematerializes from this particular space and time, Donna could swear that she hears a long, mournful wolf howl.

 photo DonnaPeter_neck_zps699d3c00.gif

For [ profile] sykira

1. 2 (Donna Noble, Doctor Who), 4 (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf), 8 (Joan Watson, Elementary), and 15 (Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD) are on dancing with the stars, which celebrities do they dance with, assuming it's their choice (I've never seen Dancing with the Stars!) and who wins?!

I've never seen Dancing with the Stars either, lol! ;) So I'll just go with each of them having their choice of ANYBODY as their partner. ;)

Donna, thanks to some time-traveling shenanigans from the Doctor, partners up with Fred Astaire. Peter would choose Shakira, for a few obvious reasons. Joan would ask for Sherlock, who happens to be an excellent dancer and is a shrewd strategist, which would probably help in figuring out which dance moves would most impress the judges. Coulson would go with Steve Rogers because, hey, who doesn't love Captain America, right? ;) Nothing like getting the audience on your side right away!

The competition would be fierce and voting would end up being hopelessly deadlocked. So finally they would all be declared the first ever four-way co-winners! ;)

 photo DWTS-DonnaFA_zps20101833.png photo DWTS-ShakiraPeter_zps54ddae27.png
 photo DWTS-SherlockJoan_zps17ef3d16.png photo DWTS-PhilSteve_zps4c801b4f.png

2. 1 (Elizabeth Keen, The Blacklist), 3 (Slade Wilson, Arrow), 9 (Oliver Queen, Arrow), 14 (Felicity Smoak, Arrow) are trapped in an elevator, what happens next?! * bonus points if it's a shag or die story, lol!*

(Hee, you hit all three of my Arrow characters! Anyway, I don't know if we have "time" for a proper shag or die ;) here but I think we can at least achieve something more akin to an actual ficlet! ;) )

Oliver pins Felicity back in the corner of the stalled elevator, determined to keep her away from Slade, who smirks at the action.

Liz looks at the three of them, uncertain if they're suspicious criminals or just... weird. She gets out her phone but, Ugh, naturally. No cell reception!

"Hey, blondie," Slade says, peering at Felicity around Oliver. "Why don't I give you a boost up through that panel and you can go get us some help?"

"Forget it, Slade," Oliver hotly replies.

"But, if that means we can get out of here," Felicity begins tentatively.

"No," Oliver says curtly. "Besides, you're afraid of heights. He can boost me up, instead."

"Think again, kid," Slade says. "If you think I want to end up with my face shoved into your--"

"How about this?" Liz interrupts. "You can boost me up."

"Beautiful and brave," Slade says with a wink. "I love those qualities in a woman."

Liz rolls her eyes but obligingly steps into Slade's cupped hands and lets him lift her up. As she opens the panel and starts to hoist herself up, she feels a hand on the back of her thigh.

"Just helping to steady you," Slade says innocently.

"If that hand slides up any higher, I'm going to shoot it off," she returns, grunting as she climbs to the top of the elevator. "See how steady you are with one hand."

"Hey, I'd look great with a hook!" he counters and laughs as she flips him off before going for help.

He looks at Oliver and Felicity, who are watching the entire encounter with a mixture of abject fascination and dismay. "I think I'm in love," he says with a wistful sigh.

 photo Arrow-Olicityelevatorclose_edit_zps1fa13edc.gif photo Arrow-Olicityelevatorbuttoncloseup_zpsf9d5dc69.gif
 photo SladeOliverfaceoff_zpsfdb97c89.gif photo TheBlacklist-Lizzieelevator_zps8611b234.gif

3. ALL the characters are trapped on a planet for the rest of their lives, and have to repopulate the colony to survive…who is the first to get pregnant and who is the father?! Any unexpected couplings?! hee!

Gee, I didn't realize just how unbalanced I had the men vs women! Bad Ais, no biscuit! :( ;) Ahem, anyway!

The first to get pregnant would be Felicity and the father is... *drum roll* Oliver! ;) Mainly because, as much as he wouldn't pull the trigger on them having a relationship previously, in this situation there would be NO WAY he'd stand by and watch her build a family with anybody else. Not unless that was what she wanted.

Unexpected love would bloom between Ben and Skye, both of whom understand feeling like an outsider and who I think would be really good for each other. Her optimism in the face of pretty much any odds would be like a balm to his already world-weary soul.

 photo Arrow-OliverlookingatFelicityonbeach_zps5c9124dd.gif
 photo Arrow-OliverIloveyou_zps7b9d12e0.gif photo Arrow-Felicityoh_zps890e7058.gif
 photo Arrow-Olicityhugclocktower_zpsf628e8a5.gif

 photo SkyeBen_zps23ab9f6c.gif

4. Which ones would you kiss, shag, marry, or kill, if you had to choose four of the 15??

Ooo, a tough one!

Kiss: Oliver, unless I'd feel too guilty because of Felicity... In that case, Slade! :P

Shag: Derek, 'cause that man needs some real lovin', pronto! :P

Marry: Ben, if he was aged-up appropriately ;) 'cause he's a sweetie! :D

Kill: Red, because he'd just fake his death and wouldn't hold the whole "tried to kill him" thing against me, lol!

 photo KSMK_zps8253949b.gif

5. And because this meme needs smutting up a bit, 1 (Elizabeth Keen, The Blacklist), 5 (Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist), 8 (Joan Watson, Elementary), 9 (Oliver Queen, Arrow) and a bonus one of your choice play spin the bottle…how does THAT story end? ;)

My bonus choice, decided by the random number generator, just for funsies, isssss... 10 (Skye, Agents of SHIELD)!

I can just see Liz getting all *eye roll* if she ended up with Red, who would look supremely pleased with the turn of events. And consequently, would oh-so-casually kick the bottle if it pointed at Oliver during her turn, lol! ;)

If Joan got Oliver, she give him a quick kiss to get it over with. If Skye got Oliver, I can just see her diiiiiving over and really laying one on him, because hello? ABS? :P ;)

If Joan got Red, she would probably Nope, out because, hi, criminal much? :P If Skye got Red, she would kiss him for the heck of it, though not quite as enthusiastically as she had Oliver. Then she'd be surprised to discover that, wow, Red can KISS! :P

Red would kiss either Joan or Skye with his typical flair and panache, secretly hoping it would make Liz jealous. If he got the chance to kiss her, though, he would make it sweet and very restrained.

Oliver would be torn between really enjoying kissing any of the ladies and feeling guilty because, well, that's kinda his thing, lol! :P ;) So he'd give any of them awkward kisses while trying to live up to his ladies' man rep. ;)

 photo SpinBottle_zps2a6b3f48.png

For [ profile] tkel_paris

1. Add-on to sykira's question 3, the stuck to pair off and repopulate one. Would any of the characters be expecting to be chosen by another and get shocked when their interest chooses another to have a family with? Do the others have to intervene to prevent a murder?

I can see both Slade and Peter expecting to be chosen and being shocked that none of the ladies went for them as their first choice. Pope would be disappointed that he wasn't chosen first but he has issues with having kids (since he let down his own kids so badly before the invasion) and so he wouldn't push things, though he would eventually agree to the system that Joan and the Doctor would have come up with to help diversify the genes in this repopulation effort: namely that the first children would be born to couples who chose each other, then later children would be born via in vitro fertilization so to let the men without partners contribute to the genetic pool.

Slade, however, would insist that he shouldn't have to wait, that either Liz or Joan should've picked him ahead of who they did end up with.

At that assertion, Red drolly says, "We don't really need his DNA contribution, now, do we?"

"No, we most certainly do not," Sherlock adds with a glare.

"Bring it, both of you," Slade invites and it would up to the rest of the group to keep a fight from breaking out then and there.

Unbeknownst to Slade, it takes intervention from both Liz and Joan to keep a number of creative "accidents" from happening to him for many years to come. Red and Sherlock still continue to amuse themselves by meeting periodically and discussing all of the hypothetical -- and imaginative -- ways they could murder him and get away with it, if not for the steely glares of their better halves.

 photo Arrow-Sladesnapsgun_zpseb067b42.gif
 photo TheBlacklist-Redsitdown_zps276d11b3.gif
 photo Elementary-Sherlockbeeassassins_zps6a418116.gif

2. Which two characters would be disbelieved if they said they were married?

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?" Felicity says, flashing a glittering ring on her left hand as she tucks her other hand into the crook of Peter's arm. "I mean, it's crazy, right? Pretty whirlwind and all of that but sometimes you just have to go where your heart takes you!"

"FeLICity!" Oliver yells, looking torn between shooting the smug werewolf in the face with an arrow or punching him in the gut. Or maybe both, in no particular order. "I can't believe you'd... With HIM, no less! How could you?"

Felicity waits a beat then strips the ring from her finger and tosses it back to Donna. "I have one word for you, Oliver: Russia. I think we're even now, don't you? Peter, I owe you twenty bucks."

"Keep it," Peter says, grinning. "It was worth it just to see the look on his face."

 photo Arrow-OlicityinRussiafull_zps39d7c4f5.gif

3. Which two would be disbelieved if they said they weren't?

Oh, definitely The Doctor and Donna! I can't ignore all of that canon, "Us, married? Oh, of course not!" :P With a bonus shout-out to Oliver and Felicity who are following in the Doctor/Donna's esteemed footsteps and have had to explain several times to several different people that they're not involved/don't like each other "that way" etc. ;) I love it when they protest too much, lol! ;)

 photo DW-DoctorDonnasonotmarried_zps4bb6633c.gif
 photo Arrow-OlivereverybodythinksFelicityandheare_zpsd33adf78.gif photo Arrow-OlivereverybodythinksFelicityandheare_2_zpsd3aa7d37.gif
 photo Arrow-BarryandFelicity1_zps7433b496.gif photo Arrow-BarryandFelicity2_zps88ddc094.gif

For [ profile] time_converges

1. 3 (Slade Wilson, Arrow) and 4 (Peter Hale, Teen Wolf) have to choose a show to marathon on Netflix - what do they choose and why?

"Teenaged vampires?" Slade scoffs. "You're kidding me, right?"

Peter shrugs. "We've watched everything else so it's either that or reruns. Or we have to, you know, talk to each other."

"Start The Vampire Diaries," Slade says immediately.

Four days later, Derek wanders into Peter's apartment and stops in horror at the sight of his uncle and Slade sitting on the couch, both looking haggard, drawn and feverish, surrounded by unwashed dishes, fast food wrappers and take-out cartons.

"What the--? How long have you two been sitting here like this?" Derek asks, wrinkling his nose.

"Derek, you've got to settle this. It's important," Peter says urgently. "Team Stelena or Team Delena?"

"No, man," Slade says hoarsely. "Klaroline all the way."

Derek pauses, then says flatly, "That's it. I'm cutting you both off. Go out and get some fresh air. And, you know, a shower."

"No!" they protest.

"We were about to order a pizza and start The Originals," Slade confesses.

"Come on, watch it with us," Peter wheedles. "It's just one season."

Derek arches an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. "Fine," he finally says. "But first, clean up this mess and, second, I get to pick the toppings."

And as Slade and Peter hurriedly start collecting the trash, Derek mutters, "And it's clearly Team Bamon, all the way, hmph."

 photo Arrow-Sladeflashbackcure_zpsd704df87.gif
 photo TW-Peterstricken_zpsc9ec0dba.gif
 photo TW-Derekstraightensinsurprise_zps8deca938.gif

2. 5 (Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist) & 6 (Ben Mason, Falling Skies) are sitting next to each other on an airplane for an 8 hour flight. What happens next?

Red would make light small talk for a while, getting the lay of the land, so to speak. Ben would rather bury his nose in a book than make conversation but tries to be polite to the dapper man in the fedora. Halfway through the long flight, a Skitter suddenly bursts into the cabin! Ben immediately jumps on it, pummeling it with the beverage cart before it can harm anybody.

"What an enterprising young man," Red says appreciatively. "Here, why don't you take my card and give me a call if you're ever interested in making the most of your potential."

"Yeah, um, being a resistance fighter is sort of a full-time job," Ben says skeptically. But, all the same, he keeps the card.

 photo FallingSkies-Skitter_zps539875b6.gif
 photo FS-Benturnstolook_zpsb35ed29c.gif
 photo TheBlacklist-Redgonnabe_zps936d727e.gif

ZOMG, I never meant to make this soooo long and involved, oops! (Almost 80 manips and GIFs, yikes! @_@ ;) ) I was going to do the same sort of graphic and response for each answer but decided instead to just put together whatever felt the most appropriate. So hence, some manips, some GIFs, some answers were "answers" and some were half-ficlets (and some went full-on fictlet, hee! ;) ). However it all went, I hope you enjoyed! Thank you again to everybody who took the time to participate in this meme, it was a ton of fun to do! :D ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-14 12:39 am (UTC)
ext_381689: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
I love it! Not all characters are in my fandoms, but it enticed me to go and look for those I did not know. Well done you!

Date: 2014-06-15 08:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and wanted to check out the characters from the fandoms you weren't familiar with! :D That was initially my reason to want to include pictures, just to make it easier to "see" the characters that people might not know what they look like. Then it kinda got away from me, lol! ;)

Thank you again for your questions for this meme, I really appreciate it! :D ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-14 12:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ok that was AMAZING! Your answers, your manips and gifs and ficlets-genius!! makes me want to do the meme all over again on my lj w-different characters b/c it was so much fun!

Date: 2014-06-15 08:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*glee* Thank you so much, hon! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it all; I never meant for this to get so big but, well, it just kept growing, lol! ;) And I love that it made you want to do the meme again! I'm definitely going to one of these days because it really was so much fun! :D

I was really tickled that you ended up with Sherlock in your "Island murder scenario," btw! Thanks again for playing along! *smishes you* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-14 01:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is AMAZING!! I love all of them - especially my prompts of course, but the yard sale one is my third favorite ficlet. :D You win the internets! and cookies! *hugs*

Date: 2014-06-20 08:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
D'awwww, thanks so much, hon! :D I'm so glad you liked them all! :D I had to really resist the urge to fic a lot of these (I may go ahead and write some of them out into more "proper" fics, I dunno ;) ). I really had fun with your questions, though. Somehow I could just picture Slade and Peter having their TVD marathon, lol! ;)

Yay, I get Internets and cookies! \o/ Thanks again! *hugs back* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-14 02:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, dear. That was funny. Thank you for sharing your answers. :D

Date: 2014-06-21 06:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw, thank you for your questions! :D And I'm so glad it came across funny! :D *hugs* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-14 12:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahah! This is brilliant. I love all the answers and the graphics. :D

Date: 2014-06-21 07:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee, I'm so glad you enjoyed it all, hon! :D Thanks bunches! :D *hugs* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-16 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is AMAZING. Donna and Derek bickering over what to name their pub is my new favorite thing in the world, and I've actually never even watched Teen Wolf. WOW! :D

Date: 2014-06-21 09:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
D'awwwwww, thanks, hon! *smishes you* I'm so glad you enjoyed that, hon! I'm really happy it came across so well, especially considering you've never seen Teen Wolf! :D *beams* Thank you again! ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-16 03:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Having gone through these, I have to say... I love your brain. I absolutely love your brain. :)

Date: 2014-06-21 09:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heeeeeee... I'm so glad this entertained you a bit, hon! :D It was a big but fun project to do! :D Thanks for checking it out! *hugs* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-18 02:59 pm (UTC)
develish1: (ha ha ha - Ten)
From: [personal profile] develish1
You are totally mad, you know that right?

This is hysterical though, love it :)

Date: 2014-06-21 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I cannot refute that statement. It is total fact.

*tries to keep a straight face, then giggles like mad* ;)

Hee, thanks, hon! I'm glad you enjoyed it! *hugs* ♥♥♥

Date: 2014-06-25 01:52 pm (UTC)
sykira: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sykira
I suck for how it has taken me to respond to this, but I LOVE IT!! You went to town and it was HILARIOUS! I especially love the ficlets ♥ ♥ ♥ and the elevator gifs that bring it to life for that one!! LOL! I love how you made it so hands were on legs in order to get out, that's the perfect taste of shag or die, you are genius!

Putting Donna with Fred Astaire is timeywimey brilliance ;D This is all sooo fun, I am so going to do this meme just as soon as the real world leaves me alone long enough!

I like you thinking about gene pool variation too, LOL, I have to admit, all my mental LOST fanfics (where they stayed on an island paradise and made cute babies!) would get derailed because I would always be thinking about maximizing genetic variance vs. having the couples be monogamous just so you could keep it all straight who was related to who!!

Date: 2014-06-29 06:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, don't you worry about it at all, I'm just glad you got the chance to see it and you enjoyed it! :D I really did have a total field trip all over this one, lol! ;)

And yay, I'm so glad that you thought the elevator GIFs worked with that one, I knew I had Oliver, Felicity and Liz (separately ;) ) in elevators, so I just had to try to get Slade in there! ;) And double yay that you still found a bit of the shag or die in that! ;) (If I would've given myself more "space," I could have definitely "gone there," lol! ;) )

Ooo, most definitely do this one if you get the chance, it was a lot of fun to mull over these random scenarios! :D And yay (the third ;) ) that you liked my little mention about the gene pool. I figured if repopulation was their goal, they'd have to have some sort of plan to make it work, if at all possible. (I can only imagine the charts they'd be keeping to help keep it all in line! ;) )

Thanks so much, hon, I'm just really tickled that you enjoyed it! :D *hugs* ♥♥♥


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