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First of all, I'm frickin' calling myself out and I'm doing it right here in front of all you nice people by saying... I'm finishing Chapter 4 of "Balancing Act" tonight, no excuses! And now I'll feel really bad if I don't do it, so I thank you for you assistance just by reading this. :D *gives you a cookie*

Secondly, this post serves the very important purpose of letting me use my new icon. Guhhhhhhh! *faints* I'm okay, really! ;) (What is it about Christopher Eccleston that he just looks so darn YUMMY in black and white? :D ♥! )

Now, I'm not finishing this entry off with a picspams or answering the memes I have on tap right now or anything like that because I'm devoting the rest of this night to finishing Ch4. *nods* So this isn't terribly fun for anybody, I guess. :( But if you feel like, I dunno, cheering me on a bit, that would be awesomesauce with a side of fries! :D Or if you'd just like to say hi, that would be lovely. Or if you want to post pictures of your favoritest ;) characters, actors, musicians, other, Other ;) etc., I'd dig it! And now I'm procrastinating so I'm off (to work, that is, but I really could just stop the sentence right there and it would still be true, lol! ;) )! I won't be answering back tonight unless I get finished. I mean, WHEN, when I get finished! *looks positive* ;)

*hugs* ♥!
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O_O )

Or avoid the waxing philosophical on writing and cut right to the RL rambling! ;) )

Now, if you bothered to read allllll of that, you deserve a reward! I was going to add a nice half!nekkid!guys picspam at the end of this but this is already a kinda big post so I'm going to make it a separate thing. ;) All good flisters may now report to the next post and receive your present: some half!nekkid!guy pics! ;)

*hugs flist* ♥♥♥!!!
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Wait, sorry. It's a new year but the same ol' Aislynn. ;) Oh well. I've done pretty well with her so far, so I guess I'll stick with her a while longer. ;)

The kind of extremely long and pointless ramblings that LJ cuts are meant for! )

And you get a cookie of your choice if you just read all of that. You get a cookie and a glass of milk if you understood any of it! ;)

Welp, for now, it's back to the BSG vid! The big identity crisis stuff can wait until later. ;) ♥!


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