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Because I really could use something silly and light-hearted right about now, I thought maybe y'all could, too...

This is from the Bad Lip Reading gang who takes songs, debates, movies, etc. and redubs them with what it looks like they could've been saying. For GoT, they went alllll out and did visual manips/edits as well to tell the story of theme park manager Eddie Stark who has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park's grand opening.

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Sweet mother of pearl... @_@ This is the most professional fanmade opener I think I've ever seen in my life! Seriously, what program would you even use for something like this??? O_O

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Because when I find something I like, I need to shaaaaaaaaare! ;)

Several vids embedded under the cut, come on in, check them out and hopefully make some recs yourself! :D )

2 vid recs

Sep. 23rd, 2012 12:53 pm
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I just stumbled across this vid at Tumblr a few minutes ago and wanted to share it and a second one by the same vidder, VilyaXxX0llwyna. I'm a big fan of her work, she always makes really interesting videos, whether they're for pairings that I do or even don't ship! ;)

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I've got three fantastic vids to rec for y'all!

Vid title: "We want the same thing. Please, just regenerate."
Vidder: [ profile] copycatgirl
Fandom: Doctor Who and X-Men: First Class
Description: A Doctor Who/X-Men: First Class scene comparison/mashup.
Why I'm recommending it: Geez Louise, I never thought about how similar the beach scene with Erik and Charles is to the scene with Ten and the Master from "Last of the Time Lords" but, wow, this sort of blew me away! If you're a fan of either of these, definitely check it out and if you're a fan of both, you've GOTTA see this! :D

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Vid title: "Loki / Sif - el tango de Roxanne"
Vidder: MsQu7
Fandom: Thor
Description: Jealousy will drive you MAD!
Why I'm recommending it: Eee, an incredibly awesome Sif/Loki vid that also manages to follow the story in the song AND used dialogue from the film to such amazing use? Yes, please! \o/ This was one of those AMAZING finds that I stumbled across at YT last night and I was thrilled to discover it! The timing of Loki's "Tell me!" as the music surges up at 1:38 literally gave me chills (of the awesome viddly kind ;) ) as does the way we blast forcibly back to color at 2:09. SO GOOD! I utterly adore this vid! ♥!

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Vid title: "CLU\Quorra: What if... NC-17"
Vidder: MsQu7
Fandom: TRON: Legacy
Description: What if CLU isn't so bad? What if he and Quorra liked each other?
Why I'm recommending it: Holy mackerel, Batman! O_O If you would've told me that you could make a legitimately naughty vid for Clu/Quorra out of only TRON: Legacy footage, I don't know that I would've believe it. Then, here came this vid! @_@ I saw it a while back at [ profile] tron_legacy and then realized while I was fangirling over "Loki / Sif - el tango de Roxanne" that this is the same vidder for both of them! Warning: though there's no outside footage at all used, you still might blush if you're the sensitive type, lol! ;) *blushes* ;) But to see such awesome AU created simply out of creative editing, it's worth a little blushing, IMO. ;) I also loved seeing Kevin Flynn looking so happy to be having dinner with Clu and Quorra, awww... That was a bit of sweetness in an otherwise short and gritty vid! ;) ♥!

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These made me all happy!flaily so I hope they bring some enjoyment to you if you give them a try! :D

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The repair guy came out today and, of course, our Internet was working fine *eyeroll* so there was nothing he could do to try to "fix" it. :S He's going to send a maintenance crew out to check the main lines in our area, though, so maybe they'll find out what's causing us to get cut off at random times! *fingers crossed*

Anyway! I meant to post this the other day to share some fannish things that have made me smile recently! Clicky for various recs! )
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Vid: "Tenth Doctor - The Musical"
Vidder: [ profile] di_br
Spoilers: All Tenth Doctor era eps, plus a few quick bits of Classic Who and "The Eleventh Hour."
Warning: Strong language. (Though even I have to admit Martha sorta owed him that one. ;) )

Why I'm recommending it: Making a nearly 7 minute long vid out of 19 songs is something that could go very wrong in the hands of most people but, never fear, you are in the hands of a vidding master here with [ profile] di_br! She covers Ten's era in a way that is, at turns, heart-breaking, poignant and laugh-out-loud hysterical! :D If you're a fan of Ten's, this is a vid you simply MUST see! (And if you're a fan of Nine's, I think you'll really like her over-all concept. Hint: a Time Lord's incarnations aren't lost forever, nor do they die. They just go to chillax in front of the TV... ;) )

This is perfectly constructed, made with incredible thought and care, and SO cleverly and skillfully done. Give it a try, I think you'll be really glad you did! ♥!

Watch it here and be sure to leave her some very well-deserved love!

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Vid: "Sherlock Holmes - Tik Tok"
Vidder: PrettyMoonPuppet aka [ profile] ember_top_hat20
Spoilers: For the 2009 movie. ;)

Why I'm recommending it: I LOVE a quick, clever vid with a song that you would never in a million years expect to go with the visual source! The clip choices are great and it's a fun, witty vid that made me grin all the way through, even after repeated viewings! Give it a try! ;)

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Doctor/Donna/Master - Am I Ever Gonna Find Out by [ profile] brightnewdawn

It's a love triangle between the Doctor, Donna and the Master, what more do I need to say? ;) *flails* Jen does a great job with the visual manips, I had to keep going back to see just what scenes did and didn't really happen that way in the show! ;) \o/

If you like Doctor/Donna, you're going to NOT want to miss this one and if you have a secret fondness for Master/Donna like I do ;) then RUN, don't walk to follow that link! You won't be sorry! :D ♥!

PS - And don't forget to leave her some love for her awesome work! ;)
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You probably have seen this on your flist but in case not... The 12 Pains of Christmas Doctor Who Style vid embedded under the cut )
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I've come to a stunning realization: I'm a slow writer. o_O *twitch* This isn't much of a revelation to anybody else at this point, huh? ;) BUT at least I'm the tortoise: I might be slow but I'll get there! So my muses and I thank you for your patience if you're sticking with me for the final chapter of "Balancing Act" which is in progress even as we speak! ;)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Rusty and Jessica Rabbit: "Thanks!"

Yep, I require not 1 but 2 fic muses. ;) Anyway, hopefully ch6 will be done at some point in next week! :D

And now for the "vid rec and other happy stuff" portion of this entry... ;) Embedded vid and picspam under the cut ;) )


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