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Person of Interest 1x17 "Baby Blue" bringing you ALL THE FEELS, courtesy of John Reese, under the cut...

You may have noticed that I'm kinda loving this show right now, huh? ;) )
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A much-needed fannish post at long last! ;)

I'm not necessarily the sort of person who really goes crazy over seeing my fav characters with babies, but I have to say, tonight's Person of Interest 1x17 "Baby Blue" looks to be the exception to that. ;)

Promo embedded under the cut )

Person of Interest airs Thursday 9/8c on CBS (unfortunately, CBS no longer has the rights to stream the episodes :S so the only way to watch it legally seems to be on TV *sigh* which is a bummer but this show is worth the extra trouble, IMO). ;)

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I'd been intending to check out Person of Interest ever since I first heard about it but it conflicted with a few other shows on at the same time (the darn DVR needs at least one more tuner, c'mon! :P ;) ) and so I never got around checking it out at CBS' site.

But several Person of Interest vids have come through LVI recently and they renewed my interest in it (Official Copyright Holders, please take note of how that happened. Fanvids = me wanting to watch your show, ergo fanvids are GOOD. You should embrace vids and welcome them as the amazing free advertising that they are! ;) ). Especially since that means that now I want to vid your show, therefore, I will be buying your DVD set when it's available in addition to tuning in AND in turn giving your show some good word of mouth. VIDS = WIN/WIN for us all, doncha know? ♥! ;)

Sadly, I've missed most of the early eps now and CBS' site only has as, at this moment, eps 8, 11, 12 and 13. I caught ep 7 before it fell off to make room for 13, which just aired this past Thursday. However, it was ep 11, "Super" that hooked me liek woah.

So, under the cut, let me share some *squee* with you and who knows? Maybe you'll be interested enough to check it out, too? ;) That is, if you're not already watching, of course! ♥!

Ever think you're being watched? )


Feb. 27th, 2007 12:15 am
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Thanks to the incredible awesomeness that is [ profile] mistojen, I've been upgraded to a Paid Account! *does very complicated LJ dance of extreme happiness* Thank you, thank you, thank you, hon! You rawk in ways I cannot express without better smileys than these... ;) *squishy hugs you!*

This is just another quick post to say yo ;) as well as to share my thrilling news (and my uber-wonderful new icon, also made by the fantabulous [ profile] mistojen ;) )! I've been working out a system to try and catch up on my flist, so hopefully some of you should have noticed some comments from me today, though probably only on one of your most recent posts. I haven't made it through all of the journals yet but plan on getting the rest tomorrow. If I've missed anything in an earlier post that you'd like to call my attention to, don't be shy! I *heart* reading your LJs and want to stay in the loop ("the loop, man, the loop"[/end Hurley voice] ;) ) but I'm beginning to get so far behind that I'm having to take short-cuts to try and get back up to speed. Also don't hesitate to point out anything I may have missed in a comm (especially, you know, my Supernatural comas, lol! *snort* ;) ).

Oh man, I can hardly believe I can have so many userpics now! I'm totally gakking a ton of them tomorrow and getting them uploaded and credited! *more happy dancing*

Y'all have a great night and I'll catch you tomorrow! *hugs!* ♥!


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