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...because nothing makes me a happier fangirl than to find a ship to jump aboard!

Cut in case GIFs popping up on your flist messes with your Interwebz )
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Recently, [ profile] chewysun mentioned as we were chatting that you just have to love Jack Harkness because he's made of sexy. I said that should be on an icon, so with permission... :D

Cut of sexayness ;) )
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Meep, it's almost time for LJ to do the big server move (tomorrow morning my time ;) ) so I wanted to take this opportunity to... ...have a mysterious cut here... ;) )
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Thank you so much for the v-gift, [ profile] alicat713! *smishes you!* ♥♥♥!!!

And now... It's a randompalooza! Baby girl's a queen, but the queen's just a pawn with a bunch of fancy moves )
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Aw, aren't Nine and Rose completely adorable in that icon? ♥♥♥!!! Now, now, [ profile] chicafrom3, I can already tell that Ten and Martha are both made of awesome; I just haven't gotten there yet! So I'm still in total Season 1-infatuation, what can I say? ;)

Updatey stuff ahoy! ;) )

And on THAT note! This viddergirl is now out (of her mind, true, but I'm also out of here for the night ;) ). Apologies for not taking the time to reupload those pics and straighten out the thumbnail thing but it really is way past my bedtime and I'm getting cross-eyed here, so have got to skeedaddle. ;) Thanks for listening to me ramble! Nighty-night! *huge hugs* ♥♥♥!!!
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Let's get the pimping out of the way first )

Or skip the pimpage and get right to the memes! )

I had some RL rambling to do but I'd bet y'all are quite tired of reading this entry by about now so I'll spare ya. ;) Hope all of you are doing great! *hugs flist* Nighty-night! ♥♥♥!!!
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I'm earning my [/random] icon with this post! Let's start with the meme and let the good times roll from there! ;)

What LOLcat am I??? Ooo, the suspense is killing me! ;) )

I wanted to conclude with a nice, random picspam but... *yawn* it's late and this viddergirl is getting tired, so let's leave the random picspam for next time, hm? ;) *hugs flist!* ♥♥♥!!!

Spam me!

May. 17th, 2007 10:43 am
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Here's an open invitation to post whatever you'd like in a comment. Got a pic to share? Just want to ramble a bit? Maybe you just want to take a pause in your "organized" day to be utterly random? Whatever you've got, bring it and we'll call it a Spam Party! Woot! A couple of pics just to start things rolling... )

*HUGS!* ♥♥♥!
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Made a new icon today! *points* I swear, that one ought to be, like, the icon of my life, lol!

Anyway, just a quick post because I'm working on a...thing *shifty eyes* that I'm hoping to have ready to post in a few days. It's not a vid and it's not my Highly Anticipated :P Big Icon Post, either. It's just something I decided I wanted to do and thought, hey, I'm just gonna do it! ;) So keep your eye on this spot for a thing, coming soon! ;)

Five Things Meme )

Well, I've been working on the...thing *shifty eyes* ;) in between answering this meme and I've got part of it done. Hope I can have it ready for prime time :P sometime tomorrow but that depends on how much time I have to spend on it. One never knows when a disaster will strike! o_O ;) *hugs!* ♥!
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I thought I'd jot down a few words and phrases that I've actually said by accident, then have started saying on purpose because, well, I'm weird and they just tickled me. ;)

Click me to hopefully be mildly amused, too! )

That's not a comprehensive list, by far, but I thought it was a lovely start. ;) Feel free to adapt those into your daily speech! (But don't blame me if people look at you a little funny...) *shifty eyed*

*snort* (Oy, I need help... :D :D :D ) ♥!
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What a productive icon-making day I've had! I made a whole 2 new ones! *throws confetti* :D :D :D Yes, I make icons every bit as slowly as I vid, so this was like golly gee wow! fast in Aislynnspeed! ;)

Click here for more useless icon babbling - now with half the sodium! )

Not very exciting stuff I'm afraid. Of course, there was this mysterious, handsome stranger with dimples and a Southern accent who swept me off my feet today and we-- Oh, sorry. I'm out of time! :(


*is bad* :D ♥♥♥


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