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It's finally happened: I've run out of happy. :( ;) Okay, so it's not really that bad, I just love that icon!

I'm going to keep this short because I'm finally feeling a wee bit better and I've cleared the next 4 hours or so of everything else and I'm determined to finish Chapter 5 tonight, come heck or high water! (Though, as always, I'm always hoping that there won't BE any heck or high water! ;) ) I first intended to try and catch up on my flist again tonight (I'm so woefully behind it's just terrible! :( *puts on bad flister hat* :( ;) ) but I decided that I really needed to put the time into finishing this chapter. Only one more to go then it's done! So hopefully you understand! *hugs everybody and gives you cookies* ♥!

I have not one but two dream picspams I'm putting together so hopefully the first of those should be up in a few days! But for now, wish me lots 'n' lots of luck getting Ch5 done! *more hugs* Catch y'all later! ♥!
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Okay, so there's really nothing that urgent or important, sorry. ;) I just felt like being dramatic! ;)

First off, I want to make sure to pass this along just in case you didn't catch it:

LJ's having a 20% off sale on Paid Accounts. I had a gift certificate from the ever-most lovely and awesome [ profile] prettybutt which I used to go ahead and re-up my account, so with this sale, I was able to get another year on my account with the extra userpics for a really great deal! *squishes the ever-most lovely and awesome Laura* Thanks, hon! ♥♥♥!!!

I also finally used my gift certificate from the ever-most manly and awesome [ profile] wolffootball37 and *SQUEE!* got the S1 DVD set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! *more squeeeeeeeee!* *squishes the ever-most manly and awesome Trey* ;) Thanks sooooo very much! ♥♥♥!!!

And I also want to thank the ever-most lovely and fantabulous [ profile] nschick for giving me an awesometacular fic rec on her LJ as well as an adorable v-gift! Awwww! *huge hugs!* ♥♥♥!!!

And now a cut so dramatic, it has its own theme song! )
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No, I swares it's trufax! Read more... )
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'Cause whining is sooooo attractive, lol! ;) Don't let the Whine Monster get you! Run, run away!!!!! ;) )
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Ooooooo, just feel the excitement building as we grow nearer to my First Ever Real Icon Post! Yes, now with 12 brand new icons! *can feel shivers of excitement going all over teh Interwebs*


Okay, so it's a serious hodge-podge of fandoms, of ones that I made a while back but never used or were partially finished. ;) Plus a few that I've made recently. They are SO seriously simple...I'm going to say that that's my chosen style. Yes! I wanted to make an artistic statement with my simplicity, depicting how humankind needs to return to a simpler time, without all the clutter of actual talent unnecessary elements! *nods* That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;)

Welp, I had a couple of cool things ("cool" being a relative term... ;) ) that I wanted to show you but I've run out of time for tonight, eek! Tomorrow then! (Ooo, and Torchwood starts back up tomorrow, yay! ;) ) See you then! *hugs* Nighty-night! ♥!


Jan. 7th, 2008 10:06 pm
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I'm having a yay day! No, really, I am! ;) )
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Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like the entire world is attempting to harsh your *squee*? Well, that felt like my day today. :S So I made myself an icon and now I feel slightly better. ;) I've always intended to one day make enough icons to do a proper icon post but I tend to make icons as I need or want them, rather than in big batches, so as soon as I make it, I want to use it, lol! Ah well.

I thought I'd have time to picspam today but again, no picspam joy was to be found. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow, though my dad has another doctor's appointment so that's going to take a big hunk out of the middle of the day. Now we'll find out if the skin graft is taking or not. This is a Major Thing, so everybody's kinda sweating it out. :S

On a more fun note, I now have my two little mini-Doctors stationed on either side of my keyboard and that just makes me happy. I think Ten is dancing but I'm not too sure. He might just have a leg cramp or something... :P Nine's debating whether or not to help him or to stun him with his sonic screwdriver. (The real and actual one, as opposed to the one that makes Grace so happy... :D ;) ) Ah, the on-going saga of ActionFigureWorld... ;)

Just a short update for now! *gasp* Yes, I really CAN do a short entry, though it won't stay short for long if I keep talking about it, now will it? :D

*hugs you all* Hope you've had a good day! See you tomorrow -- hopefully! Nighty-night! ♥♥♥!!!
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...oh, why bother to lie? We all know it is. ;) I managed to get in while [ profile] take_wing at [ profile] demanding_love was taking requests and asked for those Nine/mistletoe!me, Sawyer/mistletoe!me and Dean/mistletoe!me variations. No, I'm not greedy, why do you ask? :D Head over and check them out, BTW. They're all gankable and even though she's not taking requests any longer, there are a TON of variations and there's bound to be somebody you'd like! ;) (I got her permission to run them together as a .GIF since I couldn't bear to leave any of the fellows out and just put up one of them at a time! ;) )

This is the part where I tell you that I didn't actually forget my Choose Your Own Ais Picspam )

So sorry that I'm behind on answering my comments and on catching up with you guys! I kinda get tunnel-vision when I get that close to finishing a vid and I just want to get it done and so end up ignoring everything else, sorry! :( *gives you all baskets of cookies hot from the oven* Mmmmmm, cookies! :D *hugs flist liek woah* Nighty-night! ♥♥♥!!!


Nov. 30th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Duuuuuuuuude )
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'Cause that's a little weird, isn't it? O_O )

Nighty-night! *hugs everybody* ♥♥♥!!!
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*gulp* O_O )

Welp, back to work, then! Hope you guys are having a great night! LJ seems a little quiet tonight, even the comms aren't moving very fast. Maybe a lot of people are away or something? Who knows? ;) Nighty-night! *big hugs!* ♥♥♥!!!
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Click for the *happeh!* ;) )

PS - My apologies for not answering my most recent comments today. I thought I had and only realized it just now as I'm heading out. *sigh* Will get to those first thing tomorrow, pinkie-swear! :D And I'm still working my way through my flist, doing my best to catch up with everybody's current stuff! *hugs you all 'cause I luvs ya!* ♥!
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...against a wall. ;) No, I must complain about vidding! It is written! Somewhere. I'm sure... ;) )

Nighty-night for now, flist! Apologies for double posting today, I just felt like separating the men from the boys memes from the vidding rants... ;) *hugs you all!* ♥♥♥!!!


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