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For my fellow vidders out there, you may have seen me mention Lost Video Island, which is the Lost-dedicated vidding site that's been a huge part of my life ever since I discovered it not long after it opened in November, 2004. However, all of these years, all of the awesome things it offers has been available only to Lost vidders. But now Lost has ended...

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LVI update

Jan. 17th, 2009 04:43 pm
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As of today, LVI is clean and back to it previous before it was hacked state, thanks to all of the fancy webmaster footwork that Warren's been doing. *applause* ;)

I've been on both the forum and the main site all day and have had no problems, so I'd say it's safe to return.
However -- and this is just my paranoid nature talking ;) -- I'd advise you to be cautious when you click onto either the forum or main site and if you see ANYTHING suspicious looking as it begins to load up (when we get hacked, usually there's a bunch of weird header code that appears at the top), then stop loading the page immediately or close the tab or whatever you need to do to get out of Dodge, PRONTO.

Again, we're so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! :(

*waves Stick of Invisibility over LVI so no more hackers can find us* ;) There, that ought to do it... Lol! ;) ♥!

ETA: OH, FRICKIN' A, MAN. I just went back now and it's gone again. *sigh* DO NOT GO BACK TO LVI JUST YET. So sorry for the false hope. :(

Final ETA of the day: Okay, it's now night and the site is back up and is safe again. *sigh* But still proceed with caution, okie-dokie? ;) Keep in mind the "get ready to run" technique if you spot any weird information at the top of the page where the banner goes.

I swear, if I could get my hands on these hackers, I'd smack 'em all with a thousand rubber chickens! >:[ ;)
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Unfortunately, LVI has been hacked quite seriously, :( so for anybody on my flist who visits there, please do NOT try to go to the forum board or main site until we get this cleaned up. If you've already been, be sure to run your full arsenal of anti-virus and anti-malware programs to make sure this blankin' thing didn't hit you with anything. >:[

I was on my mom's computer when I decided to check in this morning and her Norton caught a Malicious Tootkit trying to get in. O_O I took it down and immediately cleared all the temp files, ran a Norton quick scan and both AdAware and Spybot scans. Everything came back okay, so hopefully no damage was done.

Anyway, Warren is on it and we'll let you guys know when it's safe to come back. So very sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully this blankity-blankin' hacker won't have managed to do any damage to anybody! :(

ETA: This is now night for me and the weird header code is still coming up when I just checked the site a bit ago (I quickly closed the tab and none of the security programs went off, so hopefully Warren has got the worst of it out already). But just to be safe, I'd say be very wary of going back to LVI until we're sure it's clean again. So sorry for the inconvenience!

*thwaps all hackers with a thousand and one rubber chickens* >:[



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