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I've gotten two spam comments in my creative comm in the past few days that had embedded Youtube videos in them. I thought they were just nuisances and deleted/blocked them without much further thought but it turns out that they have a risk with them.

If you've dealt with an embedded video spam comment lately, be sure to NOT watch it or follow the link back to YT, and it wouldn't hurt to run your full set of security programs just to be sure. Rootkits suck and are usually a real bear to get rid of. >:[

I'm actually not sure how this spammer is managing to spread a rootkit through Youtube, honestly (because that's a genuine YT video, not a fake look-alike that sends you to a different site or the like). But I wanted to pass the warning along anyway, since better safe than sorry!

Many thanks to [ profile] vidding here for the head's up about this! ;)

(And, in case you know my terrible luck with viruses/malware/etc and are wondering: I did somehow manage to escape being infected with this... so far! @_@ ;) )
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Ugh, my computer just got creamed with a virus at LVI (Lost Video Island, which I'm not linking you to for obvious reasons right now). I don't know how long I'll be down but I'm borrowing a computer to get out a warning to avoid LVI for now if it's a site you visit.

Hopefully I'll see you guys again soon! *fingers crossed*


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