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21 total from the second s5 trailer. Relentlessly shippy. ;)

[12] Eleven/Amy icons
[6] Eleven/Amy animated icons (mostly variations)
[3] Eleven/Amy sidebar animations (larger versions of the animated icons)

No preview, just in case. ;) Warning: SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND S5 TRAILER. Click at your own risk. ;)

All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere, every star that ever was... Where do you want to start? )
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16 icons from 4x07 "The Unicorn and the Wasp," featuring Ten, Donna and, of course, Ten and Donna. ;) ♥!

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Shock! I need a shock! All right then. Big shock, coming up! )
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Years in the making! Or did it just feel that way, lol? ;) I had a bunch of old and not-so-old icons sitting patiently in their folders, waiting for the day that I'd finally figure, hey, they're not getting any prettier sitting here, so I've finally let them out in one big post. ;) And to my surprise, there were a LOT more than I realized! Who knew? ;)

01-04: Battlestar Galactica
05-21: Doctor Who (Nine and Nine/Rose)
22-25: Lost (Sawyer)
26-34: Misc Actors: (David Tennant, Famke Janssen, James Marsters, Vin Diesel)
35-41: Supernatural
42-45: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
46-70: Torchwood (Tosh, Owen, Gwen/Ianto, Jack/Gwen, 1 Jack/Gwen/Ianto kinda sorta ;))

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Right this way, if you please, good ladies and sirs... ;) )
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It sounds like I iconned the moment when Vegas was taken over by the Evil Internet Gremlins, doesn't it? Lol! That would've probably been more interesting! ;)

Anyway, here I was, just an innocent viddergirl, happily making her angsty/romantic Jack/Gwen vid, when suddenly... a bunch of my clips went black. O_O I don't mean they had blinkie issues (which Vegas is famous for). I mean they were black like they were gone. So I finally decided to cut them out of the ep again and that's when I discovered... *cue ominous music* Not the *ominous music* OH NOES! ;) )

Or skip the vid ranting and jump right to the craptacular artwork! ;) )


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