Dec. 10th, 2008 11:49 am
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Okay, this has NOT been my year for a smoothly running computer and Internet. >:[ I've been having trouble losing connection the past few days but last night everything just went off. I thought my router had gone out so I got a new one. Which couldn't set up because it "couldn't acquire network status." :S So I tried to hook my old one up. Same message. *sigh* Turns out that it's my ISP who's having "major region-wide issues." *tears out hair* There's no idea when they'll get it fixed. So right now I'm plugged directly into the modem and I have some spotty connection. :S

I just mainly wanted to let everybody know where I've disappeared to and why I've stopped answering comments and where the last chapter of "Balancing Act" went. :S At least I can finish it up even without the Internet but I obviously can't have it beta'd unless I, you know, want to send it by snail-mail. :S J/K (mostly). ;)

So I'll be around as much as possible! Wish me (well, technically, wish my ISP ;) ) luck in getting things working again! *hugs you all* ♥!
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Just had to share that it's done! I'm just about to send it off to [ profile] mistojen for her awesome beta-ing, before it'll be posted. Then I just have to add the last half onto Chapter 7 and it'll be done as well! (Which generally means that it'll be another week at my patented "writing at the speed of molasses trying to crawl up a hill" that I do so very well... ;) Lol! ;) )

Okay, back to packing up Ch6 to send it to visit Auntie Jen... ;) ♥♥♥!!!
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Just a quick update while I have a few minutes left to be online! Clickyclicky! )
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Just when I thought I might, you know, get chapter 6 done, my computer got completely trashed by a virus a few hours ago. *sigh* At least I'd backed things up as recently as last night, so I'll only have lost what I did today, but the worst problem is how damaged my poor baby is. (I'm borrowing a computer to write this, btw.) The anti-virus program apparently was the target of the virus because it immediately shut down and wouldn't restart, even after rebooting, just kept telling me the program encountered an error and had to shut down. :( I'd just gotten a message to update to the current version so I thought, ah-hah, that would solve things. Went and updated, had to remove my firewall to get the update, everything installed fine, I put the firewall back up and... now the computer can't even boot up, it hangs completely. O_O

*sigh* Uninstalled the firewall through safe mode and that got the computer to come back up but oh my poor baby is so screwed up! Automatic updates have been disabled and can't be turned back on. System Restore doesn't work. Obviously this stupid thing did a serious number on some very important things and I have no idea how to fix it! I don't even have a computer repair place to take it to!

So, bottom line of my sad tale here is that I have no idea how long I'll be down, how long it'll be before I can be back online regularly and I really don't know how long it'll be before I can post the final chapter. I'm going to finish it by good ol' paper and pencil but I don't know when I'll be able to combine that back with what I had already written on the computer and be able to have it beta'd and posted. :S *sighs again and wishes a pox on all virus-creators*

Anyway, so sorry for all the delays. I honestly have had the worst month or so of my life that didn't involve a death in my family or anything like that. Just computer problems and monster viruses, both of the computer kind and of the "making me sick" variety. :S I will get that bloody chapter posted eventually, though, even if I have to write it completely over by hand!

*clingy hugs* Hope to see you all again soon! ♥
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I've come to a stunning realization: I'm a slow writer. o_O *twitch* This isn't much of a revelation to anybody else at this point, huh? ;) BUT at least I'm the tortoise: I might be slow but I'll get there! So my muses and I thank you for your patience if you're sticking with me for the final chapter of "Balancing Act" which is in progress even as we speak! ;)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Rusty and Jessica Rabbit: "Thanks!"

Yep, I require not 1 but 2 fic muses. ;) Anyway, hopefully ch6 will be done at some point in next week! :D

And now for the "vid rec and other happy stuff" portion of this entry... ;) Embedded vid and picspam under the cut ;) )
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This is actually a combo "fic update/computer arrrrrrrgh!" post. *sigh* Just when you think you've got the computer problems solved, you find out that that was only Round 1! o_O As of right now, all of the other computers in my network can't connect (despite the fact they were all fine a few days ago >:[ ) and mine is the only one desperately clinging to the Internet connection. I'm just about out of tricks to try, just have a few last ditch efforts to make, so please cross your fingers that one of them will work!

How this pertains to the fic is that I've spent more days this week working on these problems than I've had to work on Ch 6 so it's not going to be up tomorrow like I'd hoped. But just as soon as I can get the network back up (I'm soooooo hoping I don't lose connection on mine as well! O_O ), then I can get back to work on wrapping up Ten and Donna's wacky adventure! ;) So hopefully I'll still get that chapter up some time this week! Wish me luck!

So if I suddenly vanish from cyberspace, then you'll know that my computer has been booted of the Internet as well. *extreme emo face* But I'm hoping that won't be the case!

I'll update/answer/go a-flisting ;) just as soon as I possibly can! *clings to you all* Don't forget about me while I'm gone! (But hopefully I won't be gone long. ;) )

My goals for this week:

1. Finish "BA"
2. Write a post that doesn't contain the words "computer problems"
3. I'll feel accomplished if I can do both 1 and 2 ;)

*hugs!* ♥!
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It's done, wooooooo! Will send to be beta'ed tomorrow but for now I just wanted to say a quick YAY! This one turned out to be the toughest of them all; it gave my hard-working team of plot bunnies absolute fits! O_O But hopefully it'll be worth the two weeks of "rewrite, rewrite, tear out hair, rewrite some more, have angsty discussions with Team Plot Bunny, rewrite some more, completely trash all of those rewrites and start over from scratch...TWICE, bribe Team Plot Bunny with carrot cake, write new draft, tear out hair again, rewrite, realize she has no hair left to pull out, then rewrite again" that I've been doing! O_O ;)

Goodnight! *crashes into bed, snoring before her head even hits the pillow* ;) ♥!
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It's finally happened: I've run out of happy. :( ;) Okay, so it's not really that bad, I just love that icon!

I'm going to keep this short because I'm finally feeling a wee bit better and I've cleared the next 4 hours or so of everything else and I'm determined to finish Chapter 5 tonight, come heck or high water! (Though, as always, I'm always hoping that there won't BE any heck or high water! ;) ) I first intended to try and catch up on my flist again tonight (I'm so woefully behind it's just terrible! :( *puts on bad flister hat* :( ;) ) but I decided that I really needed to put the time into finishing this chapter. Only one more to go then it's done! So hopefully you understand! *hugs everybody and gives you cookies* ♥!

I have not one but two dream picspams I'm putting together so hopefully the first of those should be up in a few days! But for now, wish me lots 'n' lots of luck getting Ch5 done! *more hugs* Catch y'all later! ♥!
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Oh man, I really hope I'm not coming down with the flu again 'cause I felt like yuck all day today. :( So I got very little done on "Balancing Act" and just mainly sort of hung out watching "Ashes to Ashes" (still loving it ♥! ) and feeling just this side of miserable (kinda like I was on the outskirts of Miserable Proper in the suburb of Slightly Wretched ;) ).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! I've got Chapter 5 worked out in my head now (I'd been a bit stuck on a plot point and the solution finally popped to mind today, yay!) so it's just a matter of getting it jotted down, cleaned up and sent off to be beta'ed.

And now, it's off to bed with me, hopefully to wake up feeling like I've exited Slightly Wretched and have Miserable Proper firmly in my rear view mirror as I head back to the Land of the Living! ;)

At least my ability to ride weird metaphors into the ground seems to have survived unscathed... ;)

Hope you're all doing well! *hugs* ♥!
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If you happen to be looking for the unfortunately delayed third chapter (I swear, real life completely conspired this week to keep me as far away from it as could be! >:[ Donna and the Doctor were cramping up something FIERCE from having to stand around the way I left them for days... O_O *giggle* ;) ), then I'm glad to report it's finally finished! Just need to edit it down and send it off to [ profile] mistojen tomorrow for her mad beta'ing skillz ;) and then it'll be ready to post! (Barring any, you know, hideous problems with it. Or if life clubs me with a rubber chicken or something again. o_O ;) )

*happy dances* I don't know that anybody even cares but I was just so happy to finally get it done that I had to share the news! Wooooooo! ♥♥♥!!!


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