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I'm not technically late for you, Angie, because it was still July 8th when I started this, lol! ;) Rho, I'm so sorry I was gone yesterday and didn't get my act together in time! :( Happy Birthday to yoooooooooo!* )
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I had some left-over pics of James Marsters from the last meme I did. Then, since it's [ profile] cryssiemarsters birthday today, I thought why not have a James spam to celebrate! ;) Hope you (and anybody else who happens to pass through ;) ) enjoy! Clicky-click here for the hi-res pics! :D )
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Happy birthday to [ profile] lostashleigh, [ profile] _eri_ and [ profile] irina_irinova (belated)!

Happy birthday to yoooooooo! )
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I maded you birthday stuff! ;) )
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I left you your cake at LVI and I left this there for you as well, but hey, I figured might as well put it here, too. ;)

Free Image Hosting at

Hope you have a great birthday, hon! *squishes you* ♥♥♥!!!
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Lookie! An execute button! You know what to do when you see an execute button, right? ;) You click it! :D

(Yes, I know your birthday isn't until tomorrow but, as per my usual worrying that if I wait until tomorrow something might end up making me late, I'm posting early! Though, y'all know I do that by now, don't you? ;) )

Hope you have a fantabulous birthday, hon! *hugs and smishes!* ♥♥♥!!!

Crossposted at LVI ;) ♥!
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The most happiest of birthdays to my fellow Sawyerette/Deangirl/birthday buddy, Angie aka [ profile] yourstar84!!! (And yes, I certainly DO know your birthday is on the 8th, not the 7th... But I'm not sure how much I'll be online tomorrow so I'm posting it a wee bit early. It's almost midnight here anyway, so it's GOTTA be the 8th for you already! ;) )

Clicky for your present! )
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Cut so not to get cake all over my flist ;) )


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