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I've gotten two spam comments in my creative comm in the past few days that had embedded Youtube videos in them. I thought they were just nuisances and deleted/blocked them without much further thought but it turns out that they have a risk with them.

If you've dealt with an embedded video spam comment lately, be sure to NOT watch it or follow the link back to YT, and it wouldn't hurt to run your full set of security programs just to be sure. Rootkits suck and are usually a real bear to get rid of. >:[

I'm actually not sure how this spammer is managing to spread a rootkit through Youtube, honestly (because that's a genuine YT video, not a fake look-alike that sends you to a different site or the like). But I wanted to pass the warning along anyway, since better safe than sorry!

Many thanks to [ profile] vidding here for the head's up about this! ;)

(And, in case you know my terrible luck with viruses/malware/etc and are wondering: I did somehow manage to escape being infected with this... so far! @_@ ;) )
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This is actually a combo "fic update/computer arrrrrrrgh!" post. *sigh* Just when you think you've got the computer problems solved, you find out that that was only Round 1! o_O As of right now, all of the other computers in my network can't connect (despite the fact they were all fine a few days ago >:[ ) and mine is the only one desperately clinging to the Internet connection. I'm just about out of tricks to try, just have a few last ditch efforts to make, so please cross your fingers that one of them will work!

How this pertains to the fic is that I've spent more days this week working on these problems than I've had to work on Ch 6 so it's not going to be up tomorrow like I'd hoped. But just as soon as I can get the network back up (I'm soooooo hoping I don't lose connection on mine as well! O_O ), then I can get back to work on wrapping up Ten and Donna's wacky adventure! ;) So hopefully I'll still get that chapter up some time this week! Wish me luck!

So if I suddenly vanish from cyberspace, then you'll know that my computer has been booted of the Internet as well. *extreme emo face* But I'm hoping that won't be the case!

I'll update/answer/go a-flisting ;) just as soon as I possibly can! *clings to you all* Don't forget about me while I'm gone! (But hopefully I won't be gone long. ;) )

My goals for this week:

1. Finish "BA"
2. Write a post that doesn't contain the words "computer problems"
3. I'll feel accomplished if I can do both 1 and 2 ;)

*hugs!* ♥!


Dec. 14th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Or at least that's how it felt. Here Windows Media Player gives me the "an update is available!" message and I, thinking that it's a security update thingie, go ahead and take it. Then the next thing I know, it's installed WMP 11 over 10, which I had just got all nice and set up the way I wanted it! *fumes*

It's not that I probably wouldn't have taken the upgrade eventually, (and yo, Microsoft? That's an UPGRADE not an UPDATE! Grrr... ) I just want it to be when I choose to do it. Not when I get snookered into thinking it's a security patch or something! *more fuming*

One thing I do like about 11, it can play DVDs, which would've been handy the other day when my DVD drive's software had a spazz. What I don't like is that my handy "most used" playlists which I used to get from the dropdown menu over the playlist thingie to the right is now gone. Grrr... Now I have to go into the Library and paw around the playlists to pull one up. Grrrrrrrr... And now the songs no longer have their running times on them, which REALLY bugs me for some reason. Even vids don't have a running time, which just sucks lemons through a straw, what can I say? ;)

I definitely need a cookie. ;) On the good news front, though, I've put my head down and really been sticking to the Red Hot and I've got it half done!

Yay! *throws Red Hot confetti!* Yee-ouch, that's HOT! o_O ;)

(And yes, if you switch to Rich Text Mode, you get the box with the text color button and all of that, thanks, PC! *hugs*)

Until next time! ♥


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