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Hey there and welcome! If you're looking for my vids, fics or icon/graphics, they're now located at [ profile] signed_aislynn. Feel free to watch that comm for updates!

My previous vid, fic and icon/graphics posts are still public here but any further ones will be posted at the comm, so that's where you'll want to be watching, if that's what you're interested in. ;)

My personal LJ is now Friends Only, but no worries, I'm always glad to make new friends! Just comment here or let me know somewhere that you're friending me to chitchat, especially if we've never talked before at a comm or whatever. If I don't know your username, then I'm not likely to friend back without you saying hi first. ;)

I have a habit of making an odd icon here or there and never putting it up properly in an icon post, so if there should be something in my profile I've listed as made by me yet you can't find it in one of my icon posts, it's still shareable (unless I've requested otherwise, such as with my muse icons ;) ). Just drop me a line here about which one you're taking so I'll know you liked it, if you would? That would definitely give me a nice jolt of happy! ;) Also, crediting it back to me so that other people know where to find my other icons also adds to that warm, happy glow. :D Thanks bunches! ♥!

Cheers! ♥!

~ Gorgeous Friends Only banner made for me by the loverly[ profile] dazzlebug ~

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