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The loverly [ profile] gorengal posted here with a solution that restored my moodtheme so I wanted to signal-boost in case anybody else has had their animated, Photobucket-hosted moodtheme suddenly turn into text instead of the usual images. :S Which is what happened to me but editing the links in my moodtheme as described in the fix restored them, yay!

In short, if this has happened to you, here's what to do:

Go to the edit moodtheme screen under customize journal appearance.

If the URL starts with "http://smg" then you'll need to change that to "http://img".

Edit: If it starts with "http://s" and some numbers after that, then you'll need to change to "http://i" and leave the numbers as they are. (Thanks to [ profile] gorengal yet again and to [ profile] betgirl for that info and better explanation than I originally had. ;) )

You can either manually replace each "s" with an "i" or if you have Firefox, you can get the Find and Replace add-on and it will do it for you. ;)

I did mine manually because I apparently have nothing better to do, lol! ;) But it did bring all of my images back, so at least it's something that seems to be working now. Until somebody else decides to "upgrade" and breaks it all over again, ugh! *eyeroll*

Anyway, just wanted to pass that along in case anybody else was trying to figure out what happened to their moodtheme! ;) There's a link to more info about this at [ profile] gorengal's entry if you want to read more. ;)

In other news, I'm vidding like a house afire (though why a house that was on fire would stop and take time to vid, I dunno... ;) ). Yet Another New Fandom (it's a movie and not really a "new" fandom because I've loved previous movies in the series but "new" in that I haven't vidded it before or talked about it much ;) ) and I'm having a blast with it! :D

Which is my only comfort when I want to slap myself with a rubber chicken for vidding waaaaay too much right now! o_@ But for some reason, I'm just really, really, REALLY inspired to vid so... Here comes another one. *blush* ;)

This is my first time using Vegas Movie Studio 12 and so far I'm not having too much trouble with it, other than a brief freak-out when I opened the cookie cutter AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE MY OLD COOKIE CUTTER ZOMG WHERE IS THE TIMELINE AND HOW DO YOU KEYFRAME MOTION HALP. (I did finally figure it out. ;) )

*hugs and cookies for everybody* ♥♥♥!!!
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